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Moving Forward

Posted 1 week ago - By Wrighty

Good morning all, 


A lot of recent changes has happened, staff members leaving on their own accord, staff members asked to leave and the temporary closure of the BMC.


I understand that a lot of people have been witness to these changes, as mentioned in the previous community meeting we are looking at changing and restructuring LSL as a community.


As I mentioned this morning to the staff team, sometimes you have to clean out the cupboards, re-arrange and re-vamp. Sometimes to go forwards you need to take a step backwards. 


Moving forward we hope to make further changes as a community, we are now starting to look at the future of LSL and how we can make it better and bigger. I appreciate that we may have tough times ahead but believe me when I say this...We have been through a lot worse. 


All future plans will be shown to our community moving forward, so keep an eye on the forum section of the website.


I would like to personally thank the staff team, I would also like to personally thank all those the past year that has given their time and effort to this community to making it where it is today.


Kindest Regards,

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