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Welcome to Los Santos Life!

Los Santos Life is an international community that allows for some of the best roleplay experiences you will ever have.

Led by a team with a proven track record for creating successful roleplay servers, Los Santos Life will build on the experience, knowledge and opportunities in Grand Theft Auto V to create the most immersive, in-depth roleplay you will find.

The possibilities with Los Santos Life are limitless, and this will be demonstrated by our active community and staff team.

Los Santos life rp is back!

Posted 9 months ago - By Jord2

 For those of you who don't know, roughly two years ago Los Santos Life was cancelled with what was thought to be a no hope of revival. The one major restriction for us was FiveM's unforeseen forced cancellation, this severely hampered our ability to host dedicated servers.


Many different options were considered but unfortunately, in the end, our opportunities faded out and nothing could be done to remedy the situation - due to the circumstances at the time and alas our project was cancelled.


However... Within the past few months, it became apparent that there was another chance, with a refreshed view and a renewed excitement for the project our Community Director Wrighty pulled everybody together to re envision the dream that we all had and so, much of the original team is back to carry this project forward.


 Los Santos Life RP’s latest news, June 2017


There have already been great strides towards making LSL a reality, FiveM went back into development and is in continual development as we speak, it has come far since its original conception and can now support up to 24 players per server. The majority of scripting/coding that is needed for the base of our own dedicated server/s is already in existence and our lead Developer Qzen is working tirelessly to make everything function correctly and add any functionality that is desired for initial release - with brand new unique LSL features.


 Saturday the 10th of June at 6pm GMT is when we go live with our very own server and we all are very excited to see everyone role-playing and having a great time if anyone has any questions be sure to contact us either by TeamSpeak or on the forums.

Progress Update #2

Posted 2 years ago - By Smithy7

We've been silent for a while so I figured I'll give everyone who's been following us an update as to what is going on here at LSL!

As some of you may have heard, the developers of FiveM, an alternative multiplayer mod for GTA V have been hard at work and there is currently a highly experimental version of the mod available for people to try.

This is great news for us at Los Santos Life because a multiplayer mod - specifically one with dedicated servers - will be the foundation of this mod. As the development of FiveM progresses, more specifically with what server developers can do, the development of Los Santos Life will truly start becoming a reality.

As I'm sure you are aware we recently passed the one-thousand users signed up achievement and we would like to thank everybody for their interest with LSL and continued support. We are pretty close to twelve hundred users already!

So development work is really starting to pick up now with our own dedicated GTA server and the website is looking better than ever. I would also like to congratulate Qzen on his fine work on the website and implementing all the tiny features and requests we keep pestering him with! Here are some of the new features added to the website:

  • Option to receive email newsletter on the website. (Changeable on "Website settings" page.)
  • Subscription to threads.
  • Auto subscribe to your own threads or threads you have posted in. (Changeable on "Website settings" page.)
  • New design for news and profile pages.
  • Search function for the forums.
  • Outbox for messages sent by you.

Also we are looking to expand the development team to lighten the load. If anybody is interested in potentially signing up to be a part of the mod's creation speak to Qzen, the Director of Development. A good knowledge of coding and programming will be required and can be discussed in thorough depth with Qzen.

The launcher concept created by Duk is becoming a reality now as it has been coded into C#, it looks very much like the concept and will smooth and easy to use upon release.The Character Creation portion of the website is very much underway and within the near future we will be able to construct a thorough news post explaining it all and how it will work alongside the mod.

Additionally we produced this small video to give you a little taster of the kind of business you may expect the people of Los Santos to produce.

Once again, thank you for the constant support and of course, if you have any questions be sure to check the faq page in case the answers are there!

Applications now being accepted!

Posted 2 years ago - By Zixtyy2
What with Grand Theft Auto V being released so soon, and development of the modification well underway, we have opened up applications to anyone interested in joining Los Santos LIfe. We're looking for people with a keen interest in role-play.

If you're interested in joining a community that aims for the best roleplay experience you'll ever have, with amazing attention to detail to ensure complete immersion in the city of Los Santos, hit the apply button on the navigation bar at the top of the site.

Thanks for checking us out from wherever you found us, and we hope to see you in-game as soon as we're out! Until then, feel free to join us on Teamspeak! ts.lossantoslife.com

Pre-Downloading and Twitch Coverage!

Posted 2 years ago - By Smithy6
So as I'm sure you are aware we can now download GTA V slightly early on steam and I believe via the R* website! The subreddits have been going crazy with HYPE and showing screenshots and graphic settings options! If you haven't seen the new graphic settings be sure to check them out here!

Anyway, upon the actual release, we will be streaming it from our official Twitch account which I highly recommend you follow. Of course Los Santos Life won't be getting played upon Day 1 so we will be streaming other content from GTA V, probably GTA Online.

As always be sure to spread the word and link our website to your mates if you get the chance and I'll see you guys in the next one!

~ Smithy | Head of Public Relations

Welcome to Los Santos Life!

Posted 3 years ago - By Smithy1
Hello and welcome to the first ever news post for Los Santos Life. Where do I start? There is so much to talk about... I guess I can begin with thanking Qzen for his superb programming and Shizles for his graphic design work on the website. Qzen has been working ridiculously hard on this and as far as I can see, he has done an incredible job! I would like to introduce myself also, my name is Smithy, I am one of the admins here at LSL and the Head of Human Resources. Hopefully you guys will be seeing a lot of me here in the news posts updating you on the current situation, plans and anything else relevant within LSL.

There are big plans for Los Santos Life and I can't wait to spill the beans, it's just matter of time! The staff members we have within LSL are phenomenal and we are all dedicated and committed to bringing you, the community, the best possible role-play experience there is to have in Grand Theft Auto V. With the core of GTA V being so open and limitless there is so much we can achieve with LSL and there are so many in-game experiences to have! Whether it's sprinting away from the cops after robbing a gas station, or picking up your sweet new ride at the car dealership and cruising around with your friends, there is an insane amount of enjoyment to be had.

If you haven't done so already be sure to sign up here on the website and get posting on the forums, we love interacting with the community and it's a great way to get hyped! We have recently set up some social media's so be sure to head over to them and either hit that sub button or punch the follow button!

And of course, the big question is "Where can I apply for Los Santos Life?" Well, you will be able to apply for LSL very soon, we are just on the final steps of the website.

Anyway, hopefully I covered all of the essential info, I'm pretty sure I did. Hopefully you guys are as pumped as I am for LSL and look forward to seeing you guys in the next one!

~ Smithy | Head of Public Relations

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