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Los Santos Life is an international community that allows for some of the best roleplay experiences you will ever have.

Led by a team with a proven track record for creating successful roleplay servers, Los Santos Life will build on the experience, knowledge and opportunities in Grand Theft Auto V to create the most immersive, in-depth roleplay you will find.

The possibilities with Los Santos Life are limitless, and this will be demonstrated by our active community and staff team.

Server is Live!

Posted 2 months ago - By Wrighty4

Hey Guys,

Just to drop you all a line, our server is now live and can be found in the server browser named "Los Santos Life RP"

We hope to see you all there.



Exciting news!

Posted 3 months ago - By Wrighty5

Hello...It's me.

So we have progress and lots of it!

We have appointed another developer who has helped us out a great deal and I want to welcome him to the team - Keiran Power. Who has managed to get us up and running with a base RP server.

We are currently ironing out the bugs and making things as smooth and as close to how we had the previous LSL server.

Current working content on the server will include...

- A Working police force

- Working and Whitelisted EMS force

- Civilian Jobs (Trucking, Taxi, Mechanic, Miner, Fisherman, Slaughterer, Lumberjack, reporter and a few others)

- A working phone system, with a static phone number throughout your journey within LSL, save contacts, message contacts, contact the emergency services, taxi and mechanic.

- Robbery's and Drug smuggling

- Features such as new location display, LS customs, Gun stores, car dealerships, car wash, tons of emotes and static saved locations (So you will respawn where you logged off!)

- Custom EMS and Police Vehicles and some custom bikes

More content will be implemented as we go on.

Whilst I call this the base server, our developers Qzen and Harry will be working on our old framework you all loved and enjoyed, and will eventually bring it back to its former glory to give you best possible content you can imagine.

We hope that with the public server we will be releasing the whitelist server this will be invite only, you will not apply for it, you will not ask for access.

I can officially release a time line for you guys, we hope to have the server up and running by the latest Sunday the 24th of this month. You may see the server live prior to this, it will be locked for emergency service personnel to receive training.

I hope this is the news you have all been waiting for.




In the loop!

Posted 3 months ago - By Wrighty9

Hi Guys,

It's Wrighty again!

Just to keep you guys in the loop and let you know what's going on...

The good news is that the server is live, some of you sneaky ******* have managed to get on, but have actually been helping us out testing things.

We are currently working on getting the character selection page working with the new update, we have the cop plugin working however a few edits need to be made, since it's a different plugin that we have previously used there is a lot of new things in there.

EMS is working, again trying to iron out the bugs within the plugins, and hopefully bring more to EMS this time than the last time round, with extra vehicles...EMS is also now whitelisted which I know is what alot of people wanted.

Civilians, god damn you have a lot to do, from selling tomatos, mining, fishing and selling drugs, what a time to be a civilian! You have more banks, more shops to rob, more ammunations selling different weapons, you can buy drivers licences, theres a whole range of things to do, we just have to work on making sure everything works.

Hopefully this is a good update for you guys, I have some pictures on my phone, but like a noob I didn't screen shot it, so I won't post it here.

Again if you have some knowledge around development within FiveM please message me, instead of me chasing people it's much easier to reply.

Thank you all again for your support.



We are still alive! Scrap our last post!

Posted 3 months ago - By Wrighty4

Hi All,

Wrighty here, the communities managing director.

After speaking with our staff team today we are not willing to give up so easily. Unfortunatly we have lost a developer, who can only commit to part time, however since the not so recent FiveM update it has been a challenge to update the server.

We are committed to bringing you the best RP, and we are also committing ourselves to not allow our fantastic community to disapeer right from underneath us.

We have made the decision that we will carry on and develop the server, and we will bring you the RP you deserve, let me tell you the plan...


We are going to get a basic modified RP server back online, with what we hope will bring a good amount of interaction, I must warn you some of us are learning, there will be bugs glitches and other annoyances, however we are committing ourselves to bring back the server.

We ask for time, like I've stated basics are being brought back however please don't expect that we are instantly bring the server back, this may take us a few days. I will not give a time line purely because we do not want instant expectations.

So once we have our base server we will then start adding additions, building the server back up to the quality as it once was, and more! 

If your interested in helping us as a team to develop the server and have additional skills and talents in the field please message me either on the website or on the Teamspeak ASAP.

We are devoted to you guys, so help us help you.




State of The Server Update #2

Posted 3 months ago - By PowerColour6


I would firstly like to apologise to everyone who has been patiently waiting for an update regarding the GTA RP server.

I have been given the task of informing you that we do not expect to see the server back up within the foreseeable future, if at all.

Thank you to everyone who has been playing on our server and again, I can only apologise on behalf of the staff team here at Los Santos Life RP for being unable to get the server back up.

If we do open back up, we’ll send out a mass email to let you know, so if you haven’t already, sign up to the website now.

Thank you all and for now, goodbye.


The Staff Team. 

FiveM server

TeamSpeak 3