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Los Santos Life is an international community that allows for some of the best roleplay experiences you will ever have.

Led by a team with a proven track record for creating successful roleplay servers, Los Santos Life will build on the experience, knowledge and opportunities in Grand Theft Auto V to create the most immersive, in-depth roleplay you will find.

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Moving Forward

Posted 1 week ago - By Wrighty0

Good morning all, 


A lot of recent changes has happened, staff members leaving on their own accord, staff members asked to leave and the temporary closure of the BMC.


I understand that a lot of people have been witness to these changes, as mentioned in the previous community meeting we are looking at changing and restructuring LSL as a community.


As I mentioned this morning to the staff team, sometimes you have to clean out the cupboards, re-arrange and re-vamp. Sometimes to go forwards you need to take a step backwards. 


Moving forward we hope to make further changes as a community, we are now starting to look at the future of LSL and how we can make it better and bigger. I appreciate that we may have tough times ahead but believe me when I say this...We have been through a lot worse. 


All future plans will be shown to our community moving forward, so keep an eye on the forum section of the website.


I would like to personally thank the staff team, I would also like to personally thank all those the past year that has given their time and effort to this community to making it where it is today.


Kindest Regards,

Community Meeting Friday 22nd June

Posted 1 month ago - By Robbo4

Dear all,


The staff team of LSL would like to invite you, YES you to an open Community Meeting on Friday 22nd June 8pm GMT.


We want to hear of your experiences on the server and learn how we can improve.


We also want to share some of the exiting updates we have coming soon.


See you all there :)



Robbo and the LSL Staff Team

Information for people using storage/weapon boxes

Posted 1 month ago - By Qzen0

18/06/2018 After looking over the server we found multiple storage boxes and weapon boxes that had been placed in weird areas/roofs/water. These Storage units have now been removed and the items in them deleted. From this point on once per month the server will be checked and again those storage/weapon boxes that are not in realistic placements will be removed. Sorry for any incovience caused.

Things to keep in mind:

- Make sure your Storage is accesable by realistic means

- Do not place your boxes on roofs, silos, shops, banks or in the water.

- And do not place boxes in open areas (E.g. middle of streets or middle of a field)

Lost Santos Threat Level

Posted 1 month ago - By Robbo0

Hello all,

Please can I direct everyone to this post about the new changes to policing powers.


Kind Regards,


Tweet Tweet!

Posted 4 months ago - By Robbo0

Tweet tweet!

We now have a Social Media Team (HR) looking after our Twitter and Youtube accounts.

If you have Twitter give us a follow and keep up to date on whats happening on the server: https://twitter.com/LosSantosLifeV

If you would like to upload your video(s) to our Youtube please get in touch with one of the HR Team.


LSL Staff Team


FiveM server

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