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Los Santos Life is an international community that allows for some of the best roleplay experiences you will ever have.

Led by a team with a proven track record for creating successful roleplay servers, Los Santos Life will build on the experience, knowledge and opportunities in Grand Theft Auto V to create the most immersive, in-depth roleplay you will find.

The possibilities with Los Santos Life are limitless, and this will be demonstrated by our active community and staff team.

Tweet Tweet!

Posted 2 months ago - By Robbo0

Tweet tweet!

We now have a Social Media Team (HR) looking after our Twitter and Youtube accounts.

If you have Twitter give us a follow and keep up to date on whats happening on the server: https://twitter.com/LosSantosLifeV

If you would like to upload your video(s) to our Youtube please get in touch with one of the HR Team.


LSL Staff Team


Community Meeting

Posted 2 months ago - By Robbo1

Dear all,

As some of you may be aware we are getting ever closer to our server verison 2.0. We have a lot of updates for you on the exciting new changes that are coming.

The approximate release date of verison 2.0 is 23rd March 2018.

Prior to this we would like to invite the community to attend a community meeting at 8pm GMT on Saturday 17th March 2018 to give information on the updates and answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to seeing you there.

LSL Staff Team

National Police Day

Posted 2 months ago - By Robbo0

Dear citizens of Los Santos,


We would like to invite you all to an evening of food, drink and awards to celebrate National Police Day.

The event is a black tie event at Bahama Mamas (courtesy of the Edgar family) starting at 8pm Saturday 10th March.

There will be free drinks, entertainment, music and of course the police awards.

The police of Los Santos put their lives on the line every day to protect and serve its citizens. This is an opportunity for the senior officers to present some well deserved awards to the officers of LS and for its citizens to show their appreciation for the work they do.

Please come dressed to impressed and prepared to be searched on entry.

This event is open to anyone from LS so we hope to see you all there.



Commissioner Johnson

Business/faction applications

Posted 3 months ago - By Bobmonk0

Hi all,

As you all know we recently closed business/factions to allow for an economy reset. 

As this has been implemented, we will be re-opening the business/faction applications. 

You can find the application in the business/faction tab.

Looking forward to seeing some great ideas coming through. Rememer to try and be unique that will encourage the best possible roleplay for our lovely community.

Many thanks

Quality assurance team.

Server Reset And New Economy

Posted 3 months ago - By Tankwill0

Hello all,

On February the 12th we have reset the server this is due to many reasons, yes this means that you lose everything including money, cars, clothes, character information. There will be a changelog uploaded to the forums. The economy has been changed and is much more balanced than the previous economy. Some parts of the server have now been re-developed, jobs are all going to be re-developed to make sure there aren't any bugs bare with us with some jobs that aren't working at the moment. Supercars have been taken out of the dealership and is now being sold by the Edgar faction this is to regulate the number of supercars that are rolling around the streets. Drugs have been removed for public use and are now run by factions, this means you will mean you will have to RP to create links so you can sell drugs on the streets. We made this change as there were too many people sitting in drug places 24/7 not speaking and grinding money, we are a roleplay server and to make the roleplay experience be more enhanced we decided to go down this route.

We hope you enjoy this update, we are always trying to improve everyone's experience on the server.

Many Thanks,

LSLRP Staff Team

FiveM server

TeamSpeak 3