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List of Emotes

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Heres a list of emotes you can use ingame


Party Emotes

/dance 1

/dance 2

/dance 3

/e party 



Police/EMS Emotes

/e patrol

/e guard

/e kneel

/e cop

/e medic

/e windowshop

/e investigate

/e crowdcontrol


Sitting Emotes

/e situp

/e sit

/e sitchair

/e sitwill

/ep sitchair


Other Emotes


/e mechanic

/e impatientup

/e hikingstand

/e film

/e yoga

/e weights

/e lean 

/e parkingmeeting

/e bum

/e cheer 

/e crossroad

/e armchair

/e jog

/e prostlow

/e fire

/e cart

/e map

/e prosthigh

/e tourist

/e bumbin

/e sitsteps

/e sunbatheback

/e traffic

/e sunbathe

/e stupor

/e phone

/e statue

/e flex

/e impatient

/e mobileup

/e hangout 

/e musician

/e pushup

/e atm

/e maid

/e dealer

/e chinup

/e chinupprison

/e chinuparmy

/e stripwatch

/e bumsleep

New Commands: 
/em finger : One hand middle Finger
/em finger2 : 2 hands middle finger
/em palm    : Facepalm
/em notes    : Write down notes on paper
/em brief    : Equip a tactical brief case
/em brief2    : Equip a leather brief case
/em foldarms    : Cross your arms
/em foldarms2    : Cross arms v2
/em damn    : Throw your arms in disbelief
/em fail    : Become visibly dissapointed
/em gang1    : Gang sign 1
/em gang2    : Gang sign 2
/em no    : Shake your head no
/em pickbutt    : Pick your butt
/em grabcrotch    : Grab your crotch
/em peace    : Hold peace sign
/em holdcigar    : Hold a cigar in your hand
/em holdcig    : Hold a cig in your hand
/em holdjoint    : Hold a joint in your hand
/em holster    : Hand hovers over holster
/em aim    : Aim a pistol at the floor
/em aim2    : Aim a pistol up to your shoulder
/em callphone     : Enter a phone call animation
/em slowclap    : Slowly clap your hands
/em box        : Pull out a box and walk around with it
/em cheer    : Cheer


If any of these don't work let me know and ill remove them 😊

Edited by Kazza
Added new commands
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Appreciate the list you've posted! This will help out a lot of people 🙂

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Posted (edited)

You also got /em cig and /em cigar to have them in your mouth 🙂

Edited by Kazza
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