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The bank robbery that had no robbers.

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Firstly I'd like to commend @Strielka @Snoopy @LuckyLukeWho @Friis and Jimmy (I can't find you on the forums). For providing some excellent bank robbery RP and robbery planning RP. It was really in depth and thought through. Although it didn't go as intended as Grandpa Billy walked too far away from the vault! However, it was some really good fun and we managed to lie our way out of being caught.

Secondly I'd like to commend the key officers involved in my questioning and my untimely heart attack. There was lots of you there but from what I can remember @JTee @DTiger @RMartin

I was a bit of a handful for you guys, and you dealt with it well and if that's how you police in every situation you find yourselves in then you're an invaluable asset to the force.

Once again, a massive thank you to you all for giving me one of the most enjoyable evenings!


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Thank You, It was interesting how fast everything went from being strangers at legion to planning a heist in a apartment to actually fucking up the heist xD 

My char was kind of new in town and didnt know many people and now im good friends with the people involved! 

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I remember this fondly! Although I crashed mid heist and didn't get the game fully going until it was all over. Also my FiveM has been crashing recently so haven't been able to RP as I've wanted. Soon Lucky should be back in town though!

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