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Well thought I'd follow the trend and say a little something.

I first started RPing on Arma3 servers about 4 years ago and about a year ago started to focus more on work and stopped playing games altogether, a few months ago a friend told me about a GTAV RP server he played on and told me to check it out. Ever since then I have got back into gaming and have loved and continued to play this server.

Many of you already know me ingame as CarrieAnne Cox however for those who don't know me, you can find me ingame either on my own bike or on the back of someone elses bike. 

Hope to see you all ingame

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2 hours ago, kj1s said:

Welcome, Inflatable Giraffe Technician 😉😂

Hahaha Inflatable Giraffe Technician 😉

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