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Halloween Event Application

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Full Name - Lucy Parker

Job - College Student

Family - Mom, Dad &  2 Brothers

Born - Sandy Shores

Age - 23

Full detailed character bio - To start, Lucy's personality is very careless and can also be aggressive. Lucy tends to love and care for the ones who have shown her that she can trust them but will not show any sympathy for anyone else. Lucy used to be your typical teenage girl before her time spent in the apocalypse but has learnt to trust no one and that those who show they cannot be trusted must be dealt with due to an incident with someone who was very close to her but betrayed her, leaving her family (Mom, Dad & 2 Brothers) to be left for dead in the deep depths of Los Santos.

Psychical Description - You will find Lucy wearing a dark green trench coat for all kinds of reasons ( Mainly the weather ), a ripped shirt beneath that (from a near death experience with a herd of zombies), a pair of grey pants and working boots. Otherwise, you will find Lucy carrying around a 9mm pistol in the back of her pants along with a baseball bat for close quarter combat. 

Lucy's occupation - throughout the apocalypse often changed but she finally settled with becoming a thief, stealing things to help her with her survival. In regards to interaction with those around her, she just wants to be left alone unless shown that she can trust you.

Lucy understands that there is strength in numbers in these times of need, but also knows that she will have to keep her circle small and won't let anyone try and step in her way of survival.


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