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The Balla's Wants You!!!!

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i'm just going to keep this short and sweet!!!!


Yes you are reading the title right The Balla's are looking for people to join the gang / family from Grove Street. 


I'm looking for Good, trusted RP'rs who are interested in RP someone from the hood. Just a warning i will be doing checks with admins and mods if possible on people who have shown interested for things such as bans and kick, as i only want to accept the best and most trusted to the faction as i want this faction to succeed and be a great asset for the server and RP.


Thanks for reading and hopefully showing interest.


if anyone is interested just comment on the post and ill get back to you, also if you don't know much about the balla's you can read up about them here;


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I Really do like your faction and i would love to join, the only issue is cant do the accent yet ;( 

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