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Full Name - Benedictus Williamson 

Age - 50

Born - 27/06/1968 in Los Santos 

Job - Undertaker 

Family -  Has no family as they all died in a failed medical test for a new drug in the 80s. He talks with them and pictures them when he is at the graveyard.

Full detailed character bio - Benedictus Williamson was the 2nd child to his parents. He lived with his parents and 2 brothers and 1 sister in a small house provided to them by the government. Growing up was hard for for Benedictus as he was often abused by his parents as they saw him as a burden to the family as he could not provide any help to them because of his metal conditions. Benedictus has got schizophrenia and he is a necrophiliac.  All this meant that he was outcasted by the family. Later in his life Benedictus schizophrenia got worse and the voices in his head told his to get revenge on his family as so he sent a latter to his family posing as a doctor and wanted to test a new drug on them and for each family member they bring for they test they would be paid 15k. Later the week his family came to a set up location and Benedictus injected them with a nerve agent called Ethylsarin, this killed all his family members. He then buried his family and he got a job as a undertaker at the graveyard so he cant sit by there grave and talk with them and mock them for taking the bait that he laid out for them. After time at working as the Undertaker his more darker side came out and his sexual feelings for the dead came back to him and he would often dig bodies out of the grave and talk with the dead body. As for where he will be when the dead army rises only time will tell.........

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