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unconscious rule

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can we please add a rule like in other popular servers that if someone gets shot or goes unconscious from a rp situation that the person cant return to that location or involve themselves in that rp for like 30 mins to stop people instantly going back after people as it spoils rp and is super stupid. imo this should be for both re spawning in hospital or getting revived by medics? 



this was made quick as a rant so if anyone wants to add please do just fed up of people going straight back after people and yes i admit i do it to but i only do it as everyone else does but i really dont want this to continue can be super annoying for everyone involved.

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Firstly, "I only do this because everyone else does it" set a standard JT, you've been RPing long enough on public servers to know the score.




So how New Life Rule works is, if you die and get revived you remember everything that has happened. If you respawn back to hospital you forget the last 10-15 mins and the persons involved.

Unfortunatly I think this would be difficult to manage, as there are many reasons why someone may be on the floor, perhaps he/she was was shot in the shoulder, unless they lost so much blood that it eventually effected the brain then yes potential memory loss would persist. Again this becomes very complicated, I'd rather keep it simple, if someone dies and goes to hospital, then returns please report them, you know staff will help.

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i totally agree with you with setting the standard that why i added it in, just sometimes frustration takes over which is on me to not let happen. and i can see how it could be difficult to manage it was just a suggestion as ive seen it on other popular servers.

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