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Website Updates [09/08/18]

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Profile Ranks

  • Added Profile Ranks

Profile ranks will automatically be assigned depending on the amount a member has posted. You will gradually rank up if you post / reply to topics on the forum. There is no special ability's to a rank other that the title and the honor of course, If you have any ides for a custom rank that you would like feel free to comment one i might add it to the list, The picture bellow shows an example on how the title looks like as well as the current rank list and requirements.



Current Ranks

Title    |    Post Requirements  

Newbie - 0

Member - 20

Advanced Member - 50

Smuggler - 150

Drug Dealer - 250

Arms Dealer - 350

Hotdog Seller - 500

MC Member - 750


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Ah fuck off @Ashjones Ahahaha, The last rank is supposed to be reward not punishment. A comment like "I know" wont be a proper comeback 

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