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The Ballas

The Ballas Gang are the notorious Gang of Los Santos, The Balla gang are primarily located in the South of Los Santos. The Ballas Control almost the entire community of Davis this ranges from the cul-de-sac of Grove Street which is the gangs main hot spot and most active area but the Balla gang are also active around Davis Avenue, Brouge Avenue and Covenant Avenue. The Balla gang also has some representation at Paleto Bay in specific areas.

The Ballas are currently run by the OG who goes by the name AJ. AJ has made some major impacts while being the OG of the Ballas and one of these was to end to rivalry with the Families after reconnecting with a old school friend Shaq before they both went their separate ways to different gangs. How can you tell if your in Balla Terriory? Well if you see people wearing Purple your and your in South Los Santos you have probably taken a wrong turn into Balla Territory!

What do the Ballas have other factions don't you ask? Well the Ballas are like a family where we all care for each other even if we don't share the Same Blood! The Ballas are thicker than blood and as for making money? you'll have to find out yourselves it would be to easy for me to tell you! 


Rivalry / Enemies

The current Rivalries and Enemies the Ballas have are with the Vargos and the Aztecs.

The Ballas try not to create rivalries just to have them, the Ballas try to solve situations instead of escalating them but be warned they are not scared to get their hands dirty and go after people and add groups to their list if needed.


Known Lingo

Playa: Ballas Gang Slang - refers to a friend.
Ball-sack/Ball-sacks: Disrespect term
Ball-Pushers: Disrespect Term
Ball-Suckers: Disrespect Term
Ball-less: Disrespect Term
Balla: Greeting
OG/Original Gangster: A high-ranking, influential and well-respected member. One who has put in a lot of work.
FK/Family Killer/Family Killa: Disrespect term used by Ballas for The Families
VK/Vago Killer/Vago Killa: Disrespect term used by Ballas for Vagos
AK/Azteca Killer/Azteca Killa: Disrespect term used by Ballas for Aztecas
Homie/Home Boy/Home Girl: Contemporary street slang - refers to a friend
Hood: Neighborhood


Important Information

The Ballas don't take kindly to people repping purple who are not part of the Ballas around the South of Los Santos and they especially don't take to kindly to people who give information to people which is false such as people pretending to be a Balla and Also telling people stuff about the Ballas which isn't true to start drama! If you need to know who the members are in the Ballas who are not just muscle (NPC's) then look below which will have a list of all the main members! So don't let a Balla or a Ballas Friend catch you pretending to be one you've been warned!


"Don't fuck with the Ballas, Baby! We go out in a Blaze!"


"Bleed Purple"


Main Members

The OG - Antwan "AJ" Jefferson




We are looking for more members to Join the Balla Gang and maybe one day you'll be as important to the Gang Like AJ and past members!

Don't be scared if you think your good enough To become a Balla and can offer something to the Gang HMU we want to give everyone a chance to show us what you got!

If you are interested in joining a couple of points to help you! be Original have a good thought out character! and don't overthink, overthinking can lead to bad decisions, Let you help your character and your character help you!



(This will be changed when new information is decided and new members and important information comes along)


balla 2.png

Edited by JTee
adding information and making the document look more professional
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I love how the gangs are now gangs that are actually in the GTA V universe such as The Lost and The Ballas makes it more authentic. Love this.

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thanks all for the comments much appreciated also the page has been updated!

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