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Placing a 911 call

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So you have managed to open up your favourites on your phone and called Police or EMS (ems calls go through to Fire Department also), but now what do you put in the message? Well, let me try and help you here a little as "Help" , "I am down" , "I'm dead" , "need EMS" don't give nearly enough information to the emergency services to dispatch the right resource to you.

Here is a little rule I like to follow:

Where - brief description like street or 'corner of', eg. "Los Santos Freeway Southbound"

Who - it determines if this is you or are you placing call for someone else, eg. "I was" or "my friend" or "this lady"

What - brief description of condition, eg. "car accident, broken leg, bleeding"


Here is an example of call I would place having seen a stabbing:

"Elgin Avenue, a guy has been stabbed, he is bleeding and unconscious" 

The above would ensure that Paramedic is dispatched and also a Police unit since it involves a violent crime


Here is another example:

"Senora Freeway Northbound, 3 people injured, car accident" 

This message ensures that multiple Paramedic units can be dispatched as well as Fire Department and Police.


Hope the above helps.

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