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Job Centre or Criminal... these aren't your only options.

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I decided to make this little post as a result of periodic but always prevalent comments I see. These dilemmas and complaints pop up time and again, raised by new RPers and these with several months under the belt alike. Let's see the standard complaint:

"Not enough police on so I can't rob or sell drugs, but job centre jobs are boring... now i can't make money!"

"Can you add new things to job centre, only 5/6 options and they get boring quickly"

"Can't make good money from job centre and fines for criminal activities when caught are really high"


Putting argument that you do not need cash to RP (which you don't) aside, since this is not a topic of that debate. Here is something that I always look to do with my characters, this may be extremely simple and no brainer to some, but it may assist those newer to RP:

Option 1:

Seek an employment with player run existing business - from time to time you will see posts on Life Invader stating that certain business is open. This is a great opportunity to go visit that business and speak to the owner to see if there are any job vacancies available. Just like in real life, make sure you are dressed appropriately, you "sell" your skills and put your self in best light to give you best chance of employment; whether you are looking to become a car salesman/woman (eg. at Patch's Auto), waiter/waitress at local restaurant (eg. Bar Fez), door staff (eg. Lenny's Palace), Bar Staff (eg. Yellow Jacks/Bar Fez/Lenny's Palace), Funeral Director Assistant (eg. at Veronica Hill's Funeral Parlour) etc. The possibilities are vast.

Option 2:

Sell your unique skills - if you are particularly good at something you think may be able to earn you money, try "selling" that skill. Plenty businesses and individuals that are well off in LS may spot you and require your unique services. Let me give you example here; Drift Pig - one of Patch's characters - has a unique talent for extremely good, high speed driving, this allows him to sell his services as get away driver, transporting illicit goods etc etc. 

Another example of the above could include singing or instrument playing skills, if you can do either and you become a busker, it's surprising how many people are willing to tip well to good buskers. 

Option 3:

You may have an idea for a business that will target particular market. You think you have a great chance of LSLRP QS department approving this as it's interesting and will provide good RP interactions for others... but, your worry is starting capital (cash and assets), here is a solution that can increase your immersion and those around you; approach existing businesses to see if you may be able to bring on some business partners, from there this can lead to even more partnering with other businesses to create supply chain, let me give you an example: Motorbike Sales business - you approach current vehicle sales business (Patch's Auto who is also member of RMC and RMC Mechanics), he decides to invest in my business and therefore he has a stake in an official Motorcycle Sales business within LS. He is a member of RMC and can negotiate great upgrade rates so each motorcycle you sell, you can now sell at higher profit because it has been upgraded cheap by RMC Mechanics who are now involved in this supply chain. 


These are just three different options, but the actual possibilities are actually endless once you put your mind to it and let your imagination take you on an incredible RP journey. 


Good Luck and have fun.

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