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A guide on how to install the American Siren Mod

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Warning! Use the mod at your own risk, i am not responsible for any bugs, glitches or bans that may occur/happen during your game play on our or other servers.


Don't want to scare you guys with the warning but just keep in mind that i've personally been using visual mods and sound mods for over a year with no issues, as long as you only use visual & sound mods and follow the tutorial correctly then you should be fine.

Today i have decided to make a quick tutorial for all of you who want a custom siren mod.

The mod i'm using today is an American Siren Mod.


Step 1: Make a quick backup

We are going to make a backup, just in case something goes wrong.

Step 1.1: Go to the GTA 5 SFX folder -> \Grand Theft Auto V\x64\audio\sfx

Step 1.2: Find RESIDENT.rpf and copy it.



Step 1.3: Make a new folder anywhere (documents, desktop etc...) and paste the RESIDENT.rpf in there.

Now you have a backup of your RESIDENT.rpf!

Step 2: Now we are going to replace the file, download the new RESIDENT.rpf file from HERE.

Step 3: Save the file on your desktop or downloads folder.

Step 4:  Click and drag the file to your GTA 5 sfx folder and click on "replace the file in the destination".


Step 5: Done! Enjoy!

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