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Welcome to LSLRP! Complete quick reference guide for players new to LSLRP

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Welcome to LSLRP!

We are excited you have chosen our server to begin your journey! Whether you are new to RP or just new to the server please use this guide as a reference to get you started. Please be sure to read the server rules located on the link below prior to joining the server. These are extremely important as some of them may be different from other FiveM servers you may have been on. https://lossantosliferp.com/

When joining the server, choose a realistic name for your character. For example Joe Williams, Jessica Williams, etc. Create your characters physical attributes, what you will look like such as hair, eyebrows, eye color, etc. Note: Some traits cannot be changed once you have selected them. Your first day in the city when you get off of the train across the street is the city job center. You may want to head inside and choose your first city job. Once you have selected a city job, you will need to visit any store marked by a green icon on your map to purchase your first phone.

 Below are links to each of the job guides:

● Fisherman's Guide:

● Garbage Collection Guide:

● Lumberjack Guide:

● Hunting Guide:

● Taxi Guide: 

● GoPostal Delivery Guide:

If you choose to pursue an illegal job such as selling drugs please use the reference below:



There are a multitude of factions/businesses within the server. You can also choose to RP by interacting with people within the city. You may find a business looking for a mechanic, a driver, a bartender, a cleaner, a handyman, a police officer, or a number of other RP based jobs within the city.

When you have spent a little time in the city if you have any ideas for a business/factions feel free to apply here: 

Here is a reference to some of the most FAQ’s:

 Here is a reference to some basic in game controls:

Here is the link to the complete list of guides in the forum: https://lossantosliferp.com/forum/index.php?/forum/28-guide/

If you meet someone in a faction/business through RP you can also work your way into an invitation from the leader/owner to join. Some examples include, a bar owner, local gang, or motorcycle club. You can sell cars, trucks, motorcycles, apartments, houses, etc via an IC(in character) forum post as referenced below:


What to do

- Think of a backstory for your character and follow it accordingly in character.

- Be sure to purchase a phone from any store marked by a green icon on your map.

- Interact with other characters within the server whenever possible. Create contacts and friends.

- There are groups within the server who you do not want to disrespect. This could land you on the wrong end of an interaction.

- Attend public parties and events that are posted on Life Invader/Twitter. This is a great way to meet people within the server and improve your RP.

- If you have encountered a bug or feel someone is breaking server rules, press T to bring up your chat box and type in /Report followed by your report. A member of the staff team will respond as soon as they are able to.

- Drive as you would in reality.

- Act as you would in reality. For example, show care for your life and belongings.

What not to do:

- Do not threaten or attack someone without reason or being ready to deal with the retaliation.

- Don’t be afraid to interact with people within the server. This is a serious RP server so always remain in character.

- Do not break character for any reason unless in a staff situation. - When on the server try not to troll or break server rules. We understand for some people they may be new and we will help you as much as we can.

- Do not GTA drive. This means driving in ways that you would in GTA Online. For example, driving up mountains, going airborne in vehicles, etc.

You’ll find quick links to join our teamspeak and discord servers by going to our website and clicking the forums tab. The links will then be displayed on the upper right hand side of the page.

We hope this quick reference guide serves you well and we are excited that you have chosen to join our community. Have fun and feel free to ask any questions you have. Our staff team is more than happy to assist in any way possible to ensure you enjoy your time in our server.

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