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Whitelist Application Guide

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Hey everyone. 

So with the white list server being active I'm aware some people may not have applied to a white list server before. So this is a little bit of help with your application. 

- Your reason for applying: Why do you feel like you should be whitelisted? Give a couple sentences why you should be whitelisted. 

- Attributes - What do you really need on the whitelist. What does your character and you think is an important skill?

- Breaking character - Is there any reason on any serious RP server you would need to do this? Is there any other ways of not having to break character to let someone know about something?

- Acceptance - Of course we accept everyone for who they are and their strong points they bring to RP but what sets you apart from the next person?

(The Super Important bits)

When applying you should have a NEW character idea in mind.

The name is self explanatory.

The back story - Who is your character? What kind of childhood did they have? What makes them tick - What did they get up too before they where in the city? Please GO INTO DETAIL. 

*If this was helpful please give a thumbs up* *If not please comment and I will try and improve on any unclear points*

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