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[How To] Remove FiveM Music

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 How to get rid of the new FiveM launcher Music:

So some of you may have noticed that in the update today FiveM put some Arena War music into their launcher. It's really loud and there is no setting to turn it off. Here is how to get rid of it.

1. Launch FiveM
2. Bring up your F8 menu
3. Type in the console: tbhidonotlikethearenawarthemeandrockstarcommittedcrimesagainsteverything 1
4. Enjoy not having music

Looks like it's a joke but it's for real the only way to get rid of that music. So just copy and paste that string into your F8 menu and there you go no music. This disables it forever from what I can tell.

It is now a setting in the FiveM Launcher under the "Settings Tab"

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7 hours ago, Denzstou said:

Legend, thank you. Worked as a charm!

Glad it helped!

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