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Benefits of being a community member

Being a community member has no significant benefits other than being a member of our community. Its simply a title you can achieve by being an active and respectful member of our community. You are expected to follow our guidelines whilst being a role model to other members of the community. You can recognise community members on the forums by their mint green forum names. 


Qualification Requirements

  • Its expected that our community server fully under stand all the community guidelines
  • We expect our community members to be role models, therefor your role-play need to be up to our standards.
  • That you are an active member in our community
  • You must have a working microphone
  • You must have been a forum member for at least 2 weeks, you can check your signup date on your forum profile.

How to apply

  1. Copy the question template listed bellow
  2. Send in an application where you fill in the question templae
  3. Click here to send in your application, allow up to 1 - 7 days for us to get back to you.

Application Template

  1. How old are you?   (there is no age limit)
  2. How long have you been playing on our server?
  3. Why would you like to become a community member?
  4. Have you ever been kicked / banned from our server, if so why?
  5. What can you bring to our community?
  6. Whats your in-game character names


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