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Hello & welcome to the community!

I decided to make a Guide about most asked things or on how to set up your microphone.



I'm new to FiveM and my microphone is not working or I cannot hear other Players?

Escape -> Settings -> Voice Chat -> Enable Voice Chat & Microphone -> Select your Input Device and move the sliders all the way to the maximum -> Press N for Push To Talk(recommended to have).


How do I use my Telephone? And how do I dial the Emergency's or Mechanics/Taxi?

Z -> Phone -> Telephone -> Favorites and choose which one you need.


How do I make my phone smaller or bigger? How do I know my number? Can I change the background of my phone?

Z -> Phone - Settings -> Zoom. Personally I have it on 80%, default will be 100%.

Z -> Phone - Settings -> Wallpaper -> Choose which ones you want.

Z -> Phone - Settings -> My Number -> 555xxxxxxx


How do I see my bank value?

Z -> Phone -> You will see 6 dots, use your arrows to navigate through.


How do I give money to someone? How do I show my ID?

Z -> Other -> Give money -> Enter the amount. (NOTE: Makes sure you are facing the right person and that no one is near around you!)

Z -> Other - Show ID - (Your ID will show up at the bottom left like on the picture).


How do I gain access to the Emotes/Animations menu?

Press Z -> Animations and a menu will pop up on your top right. You can also access this menu by pressing F7. - There is also another thread about List of Emotes. 


I got pulled over and they ask me to shut down my engine, how do I do that?

Press Z -> Vehicle and you will be seeing Engine, Door Locks, Underglow, Windows, Doors, and Switching Seats. You can also do Ctrl + E to turn off your vehicle. *NEW* Typing /engine works now too thanks to @Kronus for sharing!

How do I lock/unlock my own vehicle?

You can lock & unlock your vehicle by pressing the button G.

How do I put on my seatbelt?

Putting on your seatbelt is done by pressing the button B (Recommended unless you want to get flying out of the car) & to unbuckle press B (Do not forget before you panic and cannot get out of the car).


I'm at my garage and it says my car is already out, what do I do?

You can try typing /getcars and see if it's back into your garage. If it still says out, try to go on the Insurance tab and try getting your car back with paying Insurance on your car. This will cost 1-20k depending on what vehicle you own. If your car is IMPOUNDED it will say so and then you will have to go to the Impount Lot and pay 30% of what you bought the car for. Pictures are in order.




How do I change my VOIP? 

You can change your VOIP by pressing Shift + H. You can choose between WHISPER/NEAR/YELL.


Oh noo! I just got jailed for 989 Months?! What do I do and what can I do and what can I not do?

Don't you worry! You can do Prison Jobs to lower your months for your good work. Also to add on this that is frequently asked: Months are minutes.

What you can do:

1. As stated above is doing Prison Jobs. It will lower your time for your good work.

2. If you are not alone in jail, you could RP with someone who has been jailed aswell before / after you and get to know eachother and go a long way after together.

What you cannot do:

1. Use your phone as it is taken away from you (You will still have it on you but you cannot use it!),


Where do I get the Prison Jobs from?

Look around until you see the CANDYBOX. Enter that room and you will see a mini hallway to the left and right. Left will be to switch characters, Right will be for taking your job.


When you have taken your job, and for Electrical, you need to go outside by going towards the Sprunk machine and take the door outside.


Once outside, you will be searching for this kind of electic boxes(some may be different, you will have to run around and search for the blue circle on the ground).


Once done with Electrical Job, you want to go back inside, take the hallway to the right again and choose the next job which will be Maintenance. This one sometimes you have to clean/fix the sink or the toilet. Once done, and when there's nothing anymore inside, you head outside again and search for another blue circle.


When done with the Electrical Job, you have Gardening left. Take the job, and head outside again and search around again where you would work on a Garden.


Good job! You just have lowered your jail time! 👍

How do I find available houses in the city?

If you open your map, you will basicly see nothing about houses being available or being taken as on the picture below


Close your map again and type /togglehomes and little houses will pop up on your map when you open it again like on the picture below:


White houses are still available, Blue houses are taken & a Green house is yours.


Toggling clothes. You can access this by: Z > Toggle.


Then you can choose if you want to for example put off your shoes. You can go down the list by using your Arrow keys. **NOTE: Toggle Helmet is not working for now. If you have a hat, and you want to get rid of it ask a person to PUSH you so stand close to eachother so you avoid you PUNCH the person. To get back the hat that you we're wearing before you can do /clothes.**




I will try and keep updating this guide. Any suggestions are accepted and will be added to the guide.

Hope this helped you and see you In-Game!

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1 minute ago, Kronus said:

@DENZSTOU Quality guide just to add you can also do /engine to toggle your engine on and off now

Thanks. Will add it, thanks for sharing! 

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This is a fantastic guide which will be sure to help new players out. Thankyou for putting time and effort into making this ❤👍

(P.S you should go to sleep now 😂 @DENZSTOU)

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Thank you all. I appreciate the support! ❤️

UPDATE: Added Jail jobs onto the guide!

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Update: made some pictures smaller so it's less scrolling work for you! 👍

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Older update: alot of new homes became free, make sure to check them out!

Any more suggestions are always welcome to post and I’ll add it.

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On 5/3/2019 at 3:21 AM, HappyRussianGuy said:

Nice guide . WIll make things for new comers easier ! 

Thanks mate!


UPDATED: Update on the phone system when being in prison

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Posted (edited)

I’ve pinned the topic, so it doesn’t get lost. Really useful!

Edited by Kronus
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Posted (edited)
3 hours ago, boi said:

where can we sell fishes ?

Good notice! I will add that later on.



 @boi this will help you through.👍

Edited by Denzstou

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4 hours ago, boi said:

could you do some guide abaout dirty money ?

No as you need to find out how to launder the money through RPing. 

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