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Our Whitelisted Server

A whitelisted server has always been in the back of the minds of the staff team here at LSLRP. But, following a hugely successful halloween event in 2018 and our full to the brim public server we decided was time to deliver what we have always wanted to. All of the community departments have had input into this whitelisted server to make it something special and we hope you can experience that next level of immersion and realism.

We will continue to develop both the public and whitelisted servers but it is expected there will be some subtle differences between the two. The whitelisted server is for the selected few who are seeking that next level of realism within roleplay. 

This is a complete fresh start, so none of the stories, characters, belongings, factionsm ,money etc will be transferred across from the public server.

Whitelisted Server Requirements 

Before applying please ensure you meet the following requirements:

  • You have played on the public server for 2 weeks play time (approx 100 hours)
  • You are mature in the way you act and role play
  • You have a clear working microphone and you can speak English clearly and fluently
  • You have read the and understood our community guidelines ("www.lossanotsliferp.com -> Rules")

It is also recommended you have at least a clean server record in terms of warns, kicks and bans for at least 2 months. This is something we check as part of the application process.

There will be a zero tolerance when it comes abuse of game mechanics and repeated counts of poor / fail rp. You can be  removed from the whitelisted server for any reason deemed reasonable by a staff member. 

How to apply

You can submit your application by clicking on the green text bellow. There will be an interview processes once your application has been accepted conducted by the HR team. You should expect to wait approximately 5 working days for an HR member to contact you after your application has been submitted. Please check the forum every now and then as this is how we will be contacting you.

Please do not under any circumstances poke a HR member about the progress of your application unless you have not heard anything after 7 days as this will go against you.

Should you fail the application process you will have the ability to re-apply within two weeks of receiving your decline notification.

Click here to apply


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