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Collecting the Trash: A Guide to the Garbage Job!

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Collecting the Trash

This is a guide that will get you to do the "Garbage" Job.

To begin, as you spawn across the street at the trainstation, you will head towards the Job Center located on the picture below.




As you want to take the job, you will be going into this building and look for the blue circle as shown on the picture below and Press E and select the Garbage Job.20190307054231_1.thumb.jpg.4a300b802b4caccf68db2968176e4e0a.jpg


As you see, when you have chosen your new job it will notify you "Enjoy Your New Job!". What you want to do now is open your map by pressing Escape or P.

You will see a Clockwatch Timer on your map located very close to the Job Center so you want to make your move over there and can easily be done on foot.



On arrival, you will be seeing a parking lot like this on the picture, you might want to move behind the trailers you will be seeing.

Behind there you will see a Blue Circle where you will be going On/Off Duty.




Once you went on duty, a Garbage Truck will spawn and your clothes will be changing aswell as on the picture below.20190307054401_1.thumb.jpg.5b405e2f0e5496dca951d4b0ad13f315.jpg


When you get into your Garbage truck after you went on duty, you want to open your map and you will see alot of blue little questionmarks.

These little questionmarks are the Garbage bags you will be picking up along the streets on the sidewalks.

You 20190307054430_1.thumb.jpg.a946020fc1154fd621e429dd9e19e1cc.jpg


On arrival at the little questionmark you will be seeing this and you might want to pick up the Garbage Bag by pressing "G".20190307054504_1.thumb.jpg.0ef0552d77794ee96e1f7b075636ce2f.jpg


Keep collecting these Garbage Bags until it will notify you to go back to the Depo to empty your truck.20190307054857_1.thumb.jpg.81c32e5f6761ca57210f9bc636550e7c.jpg


On arrival on the back of the Depo you will be searching for this place where you will be seeing containers with trash inside of them already and you want to go with your truck over the big blue circle and Press "E".


If you want to continue doing the job, just empty your Garbage Truck and repeat the steps above from going to the little questionmarks until your truck is full again.


This is how you do the Garbage Man Job. Hopefully this little guide will be helpful for anyone who wonders on how to do this Job. If you have more questions, feel free to post them and I'll do my best to answer them as soon as possible.

Credits to @Connor_ for helping me sorting out the title!

Edited by DENZSTOU
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Great guide mate will deffo help some of the newer folk 👍👍👍

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Thank you for putting up a guide denz! Good job!

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Just seen this, great guide with great detail, thank you for making it. 

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3 hours ago, Connor_ said:

Honestly, that's got to be the best title for a guide that I've ever seen! @DENZSTOU

Hahahaa, can't be more specific! 😂

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