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  1. Me too, and I have a Dutch character too. We should meet up in the city 😉
  2. Good backgroundstory! Welcome to the community! Hope to run into you on the server soon!
  3. Hello Charlie! It has been all good roleplay with you, see you around in the city! 😉
  4. Thankyou all for the warm welcome 🙂
  5. Thankyou @Sparky and @Wrighty, I will see you around!
  6. Hello everyone, My name is Lucas and I am an 18year old University student. I'm originally from Holland A.K.A the Netherlands. I've been playing on the server for about two months now and I'm enjoying it quite a bit. I've met a lot of you, the community members, already and I'm looking foward to speaking to you all soon. I'm only joining the community now since I want to join the real RP and factions so I can find other people to play with. The characters I play with the most are: Nickolay Dawei Peter Verburg Looking foward to meet you all soon, Lucas
  7. Just made a forum account today. I've been playing on the server for about 2months now and decided to join the community. I'm currently playing as: Nickolay Dawei and Peter Verburg. For more info about me click on my profile 🙂

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      That's the spirit 

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      Snoop The Noob

      Welcome bud 🙂 

    4. Lucas DG

      Lucas DG

      Thankyou all!