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  1. Awesome, would be great fort the future. Look forwards to it.
  2. Hello, I believe this is in an Alpha and I don't know if it has been released. However, I think this server being 64 Would be great as the queue to join is always so long. Does anyone know about this? How it works etc. Thanks!
  3. Awesome @Kronus as per usual. When you have this stuff setup I actually have someone who might be interested to sing, really would be cool to have singers and to tune into podcasts. I'll speak soon and have a chat.
  4. ... Connor, can I please love into your house? Thanks!
  5. What is the Issue you are having: Stuck in newly bought apartment, the pad dissapears. I had to re-log waiting in a 2 hour queue after 😞 What is your character name that this issue is affecting: Franko Montana Steam Name: Franko Montana Steam Profile Link: N/A When did this issue first occur: Today, around 15:15 Is this issue affecting just you or multiple players: I believe others Do you have video evidence: NO What steps did you take for this bug to occur: Bought Apartment, wen't inside. Explored. Wen't to leave. I couldn't. Have you reported the bug to any staff members if so who did you report the issue to: Gucci Montana, after I raged in ts lol.
  6. I enjoyed my welcome, very much.
  7. Hello, My name is Franko Montana, I have been on the server for around a week now. I am sure some of you have met me on the Teamspeak, it has been great meeting you. I have kept on the down low in game, not getting into to much trouble. However, I am sure over the next few weeks you will start seeing me more in game and over Teamspeak. I have applied for officer today and have applied my business idea. I'm really enjoying the server and getting to know the community has been great. I hope to see you all in game and over Teamspeak. Thanks, Franko Montana