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  1. Did everyone have a good Christmas?
  2. I am Very bad on Photoshop and have tried to make a logo but i am very Shite could anyone who is talented help me out Much appreciated.
  3. Looks amazing Keep the good work up ! πŸ˜ƒ
  4. MoonShining We could have a place on the map where we have a still like the naked camp or wooded areas or even in barns or stab city this would make the look really cool. (We could even do it like weed where it is unmarked on the map) we could make it longer to get this could add more of a risk to getting it. Once u have u have a few jugs you load it into a rat Loader and have to drive to bars or clubs and if they take it they take it if they do not they call police, we could do this with the NPCs as well. This will make such good RP for Criminals and Police and make people doing this very aware and scared. Thank you for reading
  5. Mine is a hard one its either goodfellas or The good the bad the ugly
  6. Hello, my name is Jaxs Miller also Known as ShitRider here is my story. I grew up in vice city with my mother who took care of me we had nothing and was very poor she worked three jobs to pay for a roof over are heads and food on the table, at the age of fifth teen I was involved in a gang and sold weed to help my mom get out of the one-bedroom house I saw sick of seeing her suffer. I went to go deal to a new customer and he wasn’t right in the head and pulled out a knife and stabbed me in my stomach and run off with the product. I don’t remember much about my experience in the hospital but ill I do know my mother was there holding my hand threw everything. A year later I was working in a small burger bar and save some money to get a boat to Los Santos with my mom and some money for her medication. after two weeks I had a job as a mechanic and built myself a bike however my mom started to hang around The lost mc they used my mother as a doll passed her around like a ball. She came home with a black eye so I lost it and grabbed a hammer and got on my bike and when to the lost mc club and saw the person who gave my my the black eye and smacked that hammer around his fat head multiple times and the lost rushed me and knocked me out once I woke up I was in a ditch barely alive I walked home. I got to the road and I saw the lost patched members drive past then I look at my house and it was on fire and I heard my mother screaming inside I couldn’t do anything about it. Few Years went by and I just drank and was living out of a car the sound of my mother screaming still plays on my mine and I was lost then l I met Mario Giovanni he got me back on my feet showed me that there is still hope in the world and welcome me in open arms then he introduce me to the DossMC at first of I was unsure of sticking around but then I found out they don’t like the lost as much as I do and they grew on me Mario let me borrow a bike and I became the hang around then a few months went with a blink of the eye and they welcome me to the family first family I had without my mom I see them all as brothers and I am very thankful of them finding me and getting me back on my feet, I was now patched and the rest is in the making…