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  1. Ah, not so sure if I will keep it up either, will see. Thanks!
  2. Ah yea, heard about that. I'll figure out something for sure, might even use it for a good RP story. See you soon!
  3. Hello hello! My gaming name is flexus but a few of you know me here as Harry Edgar. I've been a member of the community since early 2018 and loved it ever since. I took a pause (generally in gaming) somewhere around July however I am interested again in some good RP gameplay and thus I'm back here ready for new stories and gameplay! I've always tried my best to make my RP great and I'll do the same again of course, although sometimes I don't know the word that I need in a specific situation since I'm from Bosnia and our language is part of the Slavic language family so it isn't even similar to English but as I said, I always try my best. I'm always up for helping you, doesn't matter where you contacted me, although I see there are many changes here so I'll need a few days just to get used to them. You can also add me on steam (can be found on my forum profile) and we can play other games like CSGO, PUBG, Rocket League, Rainbow 6 Siege, Overwatch and many others. I don't really play them much but I like playing them with someone. Looking forward to meeting you here and IC.
  4. I've watched it as well, 1st season was good but it is just getting worse and worse...