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  1. Thanks Lads. Good to be here in Los Santos Regards, Jim
  2. TOP SECRET FILE Jim Wolf Jim Wolf was born under the name "Germano Achille"..He was born in the village of Sutera,on the kitchen floor of his family home. His Father armed with paper towels. He grew up in a small village school,heavily religious. His mother Susan was an American who moved to Sicily to be with his father Antero. When Germano reached the age of 9,Susan decided that they should move to America,so that's what happened. They packed up all their belongings and went. Antero was a baker,he had a small fortune from his success. They moved to the city of Rockford,Antero setup a small local bakery. Specialising in Sicilian baked goods. Germano was placed into the local school. He grew up in a normal family,with steady income. A few years later Antero sadly passed away due to sudden ill health. Germano and Susan were devastated. Susan was un-employed,Germano was too young to get a real job. However he had to step up and take his fathers place. Antero left the bakery to Germano in hopes that he would continue his father's legacy. Germano and Susan went to work in the bakery. Susan working the counter and Germano baking the good,his father taught him traditional baking techniques before he passed. Germano had to attempt to run the bakery,while also full-time in school. Germano had a best friend,Logan. He invited Logan to come work at the bakery with him. Logan was 12 and Germano was 13 at the time. So that's what happened,Logan went to work. The three of them worked hard to keep Antero's legacy alive. Unfortunately due to the economic decline,the bakery went into disrepute 2 years after they took over from Antero. Antero fortunately left part of his fortune to the family. So they had enough money to live on,however the bakery did indeed close. Germano,Logan and Susan became unemployed. Due to the unfortunate events,Susan focused on other tasks to take the pain away from all their misfortune. Unfortunately this was Heroin and prostitution. Susan didn't want to find a real job,so moved to prostitution to earn the families money. She spent all the fortunate left to them on heroin,and was purely relying on prostitution to pay the rent. However Germano knew something was wrong,he knew his mother didn't really work at the Grocery store like she has told him. Germano was now 15,Logan was 14. They had a little think between them on how they could stop Susans addiction,end her prostitution and earn the family a buck. One night they both put on a mask and went to rob a local convenience store. They got away with it. $10,000 in cash. No cops,they knew they might have a gift for this. The rent was paid,they told Susan to get off the Heroin and end her shit. Otherwise Germano was going to sell their home. She stopped,the boys continued to rob different businesses at least once a week. 6 months later,they had $500,000 to their name. Germano and Logan finished school and went into crime full time. Doing anything they could,stealing cars,robbing stores. Anything but drugs,they purchased a small launderette with the money they earned. They needed something to keep on the down low. They put Susan to work in the launderette. Germano had always liked the idea of changing his name. He conjured the name "Jim Wolf" off the top of his head. The next morning he headed down the local registry office and changed it,Logan also like the idea and change his name to "Logan Wolf" also. The iconic duo, 1 business,1 home to their name. What to do next? They went out and bought 5 designer suits each,they knew they were onto something. They began to attempt to recruit people,2 years later. They had 20 guys working under them in street activity. They purchased more businesses. Successful millionaires. Fast Forward 10 years, Susan unfortunately passed away. Jim was locked up for money laundering and Logan was still running a few businesses. Jim got out and the pair decided to move to Los Santos.