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  1. Aye, Better Call Saul is on par with Breaking Bad. Great show.
  2. I get the feeling Jock is going to be a very loyal customer! 😄
  3. Thanks for your efforts! ❤️
  4. Prospecting for the Remnants MC has been one of the coolest roleplay experiences I've ever had. After nearly a month of mullets, beatings, cleaning bikes, pulling pints and licking up splooge like a thirsty dug, Jock O'Connor got patched into the club last night. 

    Many thanks to all members and friends of the RMC for showing me such a great time these past couple of months. This is just the beginning though, I can't wait to see what the future holds! ❤️

    1. Sparky


      Well done matey 👍👍



      Congrats mate! 👍

  5. All the best pal. ❤️
  6. Plaaank

    Casino v2

    I will rook your blackjack tables until you put a hit out on me. +1
  7. Flying to Sweden early in the morning. Been feeling pretty burnt out in regards to FiveM so I'll probably take a couple of days then I'll be back at it, armed with a PS2 Singstar microphone and a dream!

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    2. Sparky


      Enjoy the break mate we will do some ride alongs when you return 👍

    3. Carter


      Absolute Legend! hope you enjoy your trip!



    4. Connor_


      Safe travels!

  8. Saw the location last night, it looks great! But... no real pizzeria uses gas ovens! Wood fire or take a taxi, son!
  9. Hiya, here's my screenshot thread, wew! Wee Jock, new to town! Getting to know the Remnant M.C . A gift from a kind friend. This thing is a beast!
  10. The Big Lebowski is definitely up there. Honourable mention for Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction though!
  11. Very well, Wife. I shall perform my husbandly duties.