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  1. Hello my name is YoungGee also known as Hank Jackson (mainly) due to certain reasons (i'm not sure i can talk about) i am unable to come back to los santos i want to thank everyone who made my experience on the server great. i will always remember the people who made my day by interacting with me on the server. i hope one day in the future i will be reunited with some of you guys special thanks to the vicks / brookes : quite a lot of my rp was with then and i thank you guys Twogs & Danny and Bummpy : thank you for allowing me in the faction you guys owned and allowing me to RP with the lot of yah Dickweed and his boys : thanks for being cool and saving me from a bunch of girls 😆 Rob: thank you for being a chill cool guy Gucci: thank you for cutting my fingers off i did deserve it after all the stuff i cut off staff : thank you for dealing with any issues i had For anyone i didnt do a special thanks too and i should have im sorry 😛 Farewell homies
  2. you can get a 27inch 60hz for about 130-200GBP from a lot of sites depends on what you want tho i know a lot of people prefer having monitors the same size
  3. like @Ashjones said depends what u want and for what price i used to use my predator 27inch 144ghz for gaming and the other two basic AOC screens for media and comms display
  4. Granted however every time u smoke on it, it leads you one step closer to Bronchiolitis obliterans I wish i had a nandos black card
  5. would love to see a Ninja H2 https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/ninja-h2r
  6. So i'm making a movie and the trouble is chat is always in the top corner is there / can there be a command to hide chat even if its just a few mins even in /cam its still there
  7. Anyone that knows of Hank and Henry knows that they work in the adult movie scene. *PG 13*