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  1. Happy Birthday mate 🙂 

  2. Happy Birthday my dude!

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  5. I think that money is a pretty big thing and I can understand how player could just come on and RDM, however, I didn't have money in my mind I think that maybe if this was to be added but money not included meaning you would only be able to take loot such as drugs, food, weapons.. etc as again money could create mass rdm on the server.
  6. If a player is killed you would be able to walk up and press some button for example "e" then your inventory and their inventory would show you would then be able to take their items. Just thought of it and I thought it would be a good idea and it would make the roleplay a little more competetive between gangs or other sorts of things. IDK let me know what you think of this. EXCLUDING MONEY as this would create MASS RDM... .-.