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  1. I agree with the fact they are buggy, just something a bit different to spend your money on, I also agree you get bored of them pretty quickly but it's nice to have the choice
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    I played on a server where you could get pet dogs and cats and such, you had to feed them and you could play fetch and such, sadly I don't have a link or anything but I thought it was nice to be able to have pets and added RP, nothing better than a vacation away from the city with your dog.
  3. Thank you to everyone for the warm welcome, I hope to have great RP with you all:)
  4. Logan Wolf (Original Name: "Antonello Comito") was born in a small village in Sicily called Sutera. He was born into a working-class family, they never had much money and were always struggling for money. As Logan was growing up he couldn't help but notice the rampant street crime around him ranging from; Theft, armed robbery, drug dealing, vandalism and much more, Logan quickly grew desensitised to crime, he grew to believe this was a normal thing and never felt bad about lying, stealing or hurting others. as he grew up in school he met Jim Wolf (Original Name: "Germano Achille") and they grew quickly to become close friends more like brothers. Logan did not speak much of his family, his father was an abusive drunk but his mother was a kind woman who only saw the best in people, by the age of seven Logan was working in a chop-shop collecting and stealing parts for the family who owned the chop-shop, this was to support his family and for his own want of doing bad things, he was always a strange child, not showing many emotions and hurting whoever he could whenever he could, he moved to America at the age of eight with Jim and his family after Logan's mother passed away and he felt no real connection to his father. They moved to a city named Rockford and helped Jim in his father's bakery. Logan excelled in school in Business and physical education, he didn't care much for any other subjects, due to his aggressive and violent behaviour he was placed under psychological evaluation which proved Logan either was a Psychopath or showed many of the tendencies of one, he never trusted anyone other than Jim completely, Jim was now 15, Logan was 14. One night they both put on a mask and went to rob a local convenience store. They got away with it. $10,000 in cash. No cops, they knew they might have a gift for this. The rent was paid, the boys continued to rob different businesses at least once a week. 6 months later, they had $500,000 to their name. Jim and Logan finished school and went into crime full time. Doing anything they could,stealing cars,robbing stores. Anything but drugs,they purchased a small launderette with the money they earned. They needed something to keep on the down low. Germano had always liked the idea of changing his name. He conjured the name "Jim Wolf" off the top of his head. The next morning he headed down the local registry office and changed it, Logan also liked the idea and change his name to "Logan Wolf". The iconic duo, One business, One home to their name. What to do next? They went out and bought 5 designer suits each,they knew they were onto something. They began to attempt to recruit people,2 years later. They had twenty guys working under them in street activity. They purchased more businesses. Successful millionaires. Fast Forward ten years, Jim was locked up for money laundering and Logan was still running a few businesses. Jim got out and the pair decided to move to Los Santos, this intrigued Logan as he always wanted more power and more money and more respect, they went to Los Santos and set up a taxi company called "Wolf Cabs" the rest is yet to be done.