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  1. I was selling some weapons, and I think I glitched something. I had 5 Sawed offs, 2 AKs. However, I put all the guns in my vehicle, and when I took it back out, I took all the guns, then put them back in to make sure they would fit, as sometimes the boot glitches and you can put loads of guns in one vehicle. So when I took it back out, I took the guns to give to the people, but only got given 3 Sawed Offs, and no Assault Rifles. I have a witness, David Wale, in-game name <--. I can tell you 100% I had to guns, as I was speaking to Kronus when I was doing the deal etc and stuff like that. I appreciate your time, Thank you, Hybrid
  2. Is there any way that we could get cameras outside of some properties. For Example. The Comedy Club, cars are sometimes stolen from outside and instead of someone being outside watching them, it would be nice to be able to go in the room that has allocated CCTV monitors and be able to click E to watch outside, much like the system that the LSPD have.
  3. I like this idea, then new factions and businesses will be made and different people will be in different places. I would like to see a reset tbh, it would be interesting and it will give people something to do.
  4. I know this was ages ago but for some reason only my razer driver worked when I don't even have razer products 🤷
  5. This is mine now 😁
  6. What is the Issue you are having: Character is stuck as Michael What is your character name that this issue is affecting: Bob Smith Steam Name: system_hybrid When did this issue first occur: 13/02/2019 Is this issue affecting just you or multiple players: Just me, has happened to others in the past Do you have video evidence: YES/NO No What steps did you take for this bug to occur: Restart FiveM, waited for a server restart, did /clothes 1 Have you reported the bug to any staff members if so who did you report the issue to?: Knight, DTiger
  7. Name: Bob Smith Contact Number: 555773468 Item Name: Autarch Item Description: Fast supercar, 250mph. Level 5 engine, I haven't tested the speed with level 5, 250mph is with level 4. Very fast and looks good, fully upgraded. // Only one in the city Item Photo: http://prntscr.com/miqgay (Won't let me insert via URL or saved image) Price: $2.5 Million
  8. Cleaner takes 25% so imo, make the robberies harder and make the amount of money you get 800k. This will make it worth the time. This would be around 115k pp
  9. But what about the new people in the city that would like to RP it out as they want to be a constant bank robber. Not gonna lie but 300k for robbing the biggest bank after cleaning the money is simply not enough. If the robbery is made harder, more than 4-5 people could be required depending on what is changed. 300÷50k is only 60k each. In this time and economy, this is nothing
  10. Bob Smith, previously the owner of many properties. He owned one of the biggest drug cartels in the US. However, his properties were raided by the biggest drug cartel in the world due to his greed. 'BS Cartels' were starting to become one of the richest cartels in the world, however, other cartels would not accept this. Finally one of them stepped up, unfortunately, the one that did was too powerful for Bob. Bob Smith's cartel was worth over $1 Billion. So when he found out that his businesses were being raided he was very depressed, wondering how this would happen, then he remembered. Bob Smith had gone and sold in un-owned territory. Due to his drugs being the best in the country, the city stopped buying from the other cartel and started buying off of BS Cartels. This was a big mistake! He thought that this territory was owned by a small drug gang that developed in the streets. He was wrong, which caused him to lose everything. Bob could no longer live in Las Vegas, he had to move. He had found a place called Los Santos and moved there. He changed his ID numbers and his name. No-one has found his real ID as of yet, but he got the name 'Bob Smith' from the 'BS' which was in his Cartel name. So far, Bob Smith has settled in well and has made peace with many factions and businesses while also remaining peaceful with powerful people. He has joined the Ballas to hide his identity as much as he can, while he tries to re-create his business. He plans on invading Los Santos with his high-quality drugs such as Cocaine, Ecstasy and more! Over-all, Bob Smith has many plans but is struggling with the funds as not many opportunities are greeting him. If the government lets him buy his land, Los Santos will be blessed with his high-quality drugs and protection.
  11. Throughout all of GTA V, including FiveM, I can speak. However, I cannot hear other players. This is a big issue as communication is needed for RP and I cannot access it. I have checked all my settings and got them checked by 3 different people in the Teamspeak but no-one can solve my problem. Does anyone have a solution or has/had this problem in the past. Please let me know as I struggle to RP, I can only talk to cops by telling them to come into the Teamspeak channel I am in,