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  1. That is unfair to the rest of the community. I know a few people here so I don’t mean any disrespect, but it’s not right that the community who have high quality rp who aren’t staff members have limitations or will never have a chance to do certain things. I could be here from day one and work hard and commit and never receive a staff position but that’s holding possible rp back.
  2. Not necessarily, I believe you shouldn't hold 1 person reliable for 1 job. People should be able to have more of a freedom after all this is a game. If people want to RP as dispatching they can, if they want to RP as cops they can, or be trained in both. I did a small trial run in the server I came from and just having 4 cops on was plenty enough to have a dispatcher in place. The toughest thing after the trail run was stop getting cops to do everything (because that's what we do now) and put it on the dispatchers to make it a little more realistic. Example: Running warrants, checking plates, and doing name checks. This would primarily fixed in due time so everyone could get adjusted. It's really not that difficult. A little memory, pen and paper, and organization you can set up a dispatcher. However, you can go all out and get programs and stuff like other servers! If anyone ever wants to discuss this or wants to know how real life dispatching goes feel free to find me in TS.
  3. Ever since I joined I have not seen any car dealerships! I hear people always ask about the car dealer. I have applied for it as I use to run one on the server I came from (LSL). I was informed you had to be admin+ and I am assuming this is because of having to spawn vehicles in. When I originally started the other server the developers created a command just to spawn cars in so I would be able to do so. This would be highly beneficial to the server because other non staff members have the ability to run such faction and not being apart of the staff (most factions are staff members and would be nice to change that up).
  4. I am a real life 911 dispatcher (police, fire, and ems) and at night time when all the big wigs go home there are only 2 ranks on the dispatch floor and they are Dispatcher/Supervisor. 9 dispatchers to 1 maybe 2 supevisors. During the day there is a Director of Operations and a couple higher ups but they are all behind the scene stuff that wouldn't be needed in RP server. Great idea, I did a little dispatching in my last community with out any systems and almost exactly the same system in place now. Little challenging but was able to do it with discipline.
  5. Hello all! So I've already talked to some on TS or actually IC. My name is Chris Stout and I know some of your already! To the other I don't know, looking forward to RP!