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  1. That's a neat idea and could be really cool if implemented properly! 😄
  2. I plan on starting this soon. I am hyped!
  3. This looks delicious and sounds like a great deal!
  4. This is so nice of you guys! Twitch.tv/question_box
  5. That sounds really fun! Game shows are always a good idea 🙂
  6. Welcome! I ran into you briefly last night. 🙂
  7. Welcome to the community!
  8. Most of you know me in game as Morgan McRae who is part of the Leather Angels MC. I also play Diana Davis who is currently an EMS and will most likely go for Police at some point as well. I have previously been a Deputy Chief in LSPD and EMS Command in another community. I am thoroughly enjoying my time on LSLRP and look forward to meeting more of you in game! IRL, I am an academic historian who specializes in Atlantic World History and British History. I have also worked in museums with Greek and Roman objects in the past. Nice to meet you all!