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  1. I have been part of servers that have encountered this issue before I am happy to discuss some ideas I have put forward before maybe some may help 🙂 Yeah but I kinda saw the economical flaw in the server and took advantage with the business idea ... It would still work but would have to be tweaked quite abit ^^ Wipe or not tho I will still continue to build a char regardless cause the players here are amazing!
  2. I disagree with the wipe not because of money but because I’ve spent every day for the past 3-4 weeks getting in game and building a name for myself and after grinding that which I deem important I finally have a connection to other groups and other factions that in the past 4 nights have created some amazing RP for everyone involved and I’m being honest because of the RP and the story I have created with my faction we now have a healthy bank account not due to grinding but due to roleplay i do however agree with the fact that currently the economy of the server is pretty fucked from what I’ve seen and perhaps not a full wipe but some sort of balance act would help find a middle ground for all party’s here new players and old
  3. I mean that is a very fair point lol!
  4. Mate I’m only joking I enjoyed your playlist 😛 please come back and DJ again for us !
  5. I will bare that in mind haha! We deffo in need of a permanent DJ even if it is an on call DJ haha
  6. I might get hate for saying this... But @Jacks was easy the better DJ 😄
  7. It’s not a strip club without a local MC 😆
  8. Got 2 of them currently could need more the roles are above are what I’m in immediate need off 😝
  9. Vanilla Unicorn is hiring ! We are looking for an experience bar tender - The ideal candidate will have experience working in a busy and crowded environment knowledge of cocktails and wines are essential along with knowing your spirits and beers. We pride ourselves on top customer service so expect you to be able to speak clearly and effectively to customers whilst ensuring any and all matters are dealt with professionally. The right candidate will receive an exclusive pay packet which can be discussed upon interview. We are looking for exotic dancers - The ideal candidate will have experience working in previous exotic dancing roles and have good knowledge and understanding of the position experience with dealing with drunken men along with the willingness to provide the professional service required the role will included working the stage along with approaching the men on the floor to offer dances. The right candidate will receive and exclusive and very attractive pay structure which will be discussed upon interview. We are looking for a DJ - The ideal candidate will have experience running large events for a long period of time working with top of the line equipment and having your own private booth to do your work is all part of the package on offer. We are looking for someone with the experience to read the crowd and make sure the mood stays at its peak through the selection and power of the music you play. The right candidate will receive a very attractive pay package which will be discussed at interview. We are a family at the Vanilla Unicorn and we will treat you as such you will find a new home with us along with meeting many others from around the city. If you wish to apply please contact Jamie Smith (Sparky) for more information quoting the role you are interested in. ( DM on forums or contact in Discord / TS )
  10. I am all for fair chance mate how about you come show off your DJ skills we could even have a DJ showdown between you and DJ Tig 😆
  11. Well whilst this is an amazing point and I’m glad you made it ... I still feel IF a wipe happened there’s a lot of new players that still have a lot to explore but I know that’s exactly why you said above it would be discussed and voted on .. a lot of angles to consider ^_^