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  1. First* you're just salty cause you aren't gonna get a free carry win
  2. ez win, me and jabba will single handedly win this tournament
  3. Ive got a very strong opinion from seeing the effects of wipes on other servers, if you are looking to spice things up, a wipe wont do much, I find the tendency towards wipes to be that people instinctively want to return to their former wealth, and will rp less in order to grind money, which results in a period of time where everything goes stale, then goes back to the exact same way it was before. The only idea I think could work would be a character wipe along with it, i.e. everyone makes new characters that are different and unique, but lets be honest that would change things for about a day before everyone reverts to playing the way they did before, ultimately i think a wipe would be pointless.
  4. Kris

    League of Legends

    Creep denial isnt, lane blocking isnt, lane pulling isnt, camp stacking isnt, i checked them whenever i started playing and lost a few games as a consequence of trying them. Fair enough creep denial can be zoning opponents out of lane, but in dota thats referred to as zoning, not denial, but thats about it
  5. Kris

    League of Legends

    I dont have a rank yet, only started league sorta recently so im level 20 atm
  6. Kris

    League of Legends

    Dota is cool, I was a semi-pro player a while ago but gave up on it because its too time consuming, league imo is more chill and easier to play cause theres alot less to focus on and much less in terms of weird mechanics like camp stacking, creep denial, lane blocking, lane pulling, lane stacking and all that sorta stuff, so ive converted to league now, and the occasional game of heroes of the storm since its even simpler than league.