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  1. We don't know we did not drive fast so i can see it being the second option may have been 3rd or first. The doors did not open So i'm assuming 3rd option
  2. We handcuffed them and unhand cuffed them we even tried to go slow 25mph but they still got out of the car
  3. Also just a little side note we did ask/help them in character to put on their seatbelts.
  4. So here is a little back story me (Dave Davidson (Cadet)) and (Jacob Williams (Cadet)) Where pertroling around the city we pulled over a Taxi containing jrerome clay. Johnny DeLuca parked his taxi behind our cruiser. Then we had a bank robbery call a few mins later and they where at the store so we Jacob searched both I helped out of course so then we tried to take them to MRPD but they kept getting out of the car jerome stabbed me and Jacob re-arrested and put in the back of the cruiser and helped me back to my feet. So then we got a few meters down the road and they got back out again at this point I had enough and went 10-42 (off duty).