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  1. The only thing I see in AMD is their cheaper prices, other than that I'd go for Intel.
  2. You got scammed by the sounds of it, for a proper sale they need to take it to the garage and transfer it over to you that way
  3. Listen, the things with motorbikes is that they shouldn't be able to turn that much at a high speed but when you cant turn a very wide corner at a decent speed then either the my character doesnt know how to ride a bike or the bike cant turn.
  4. This does sound like a good idea, I quite like this but I feel the price of this should be heavily considered and it should be quite pricey. This also sounds really good. But swimming, to me, seems really bugged out and sometimes you can't get back to the top so I would be weary of using this but if it turns out its just me being dumb and don't know how to swim quick enough before I die then add this straight away. But I don't thimk there is a stamina bar for when you go into water. This is something i'll look further into. I think the current system is fine as it is. Lets say you have 100hp, a punch takes 10. You get hit 10 times and you get fucked up and get knocked out. A bullet takes 50hp, you get shot twice and you're fucked. It seems proportional to me because you dont die unless you've been beaten to a point of death. Im 50/50 on this, it could be good it could be bad. Some people RP when they are down and medics try to talk to them when downed. Whereas others just scream. I think its fine for now. If this is possible, i'd support it but then again people might just troll take your bodies throw them into water and you wait 10 mins to respawn, but we have staff for a reason right? This could allow for greater RP and take bodies hide them or dump them so they can't come back and get you later. Don't really think i'd use this personally unless I wanted to minge around thus I don't think its necessary really. Honestly, people don't want to get back up and act they've got a broken leg. They just want to get back up and play so I think for those that want to RP this they can. However, I dont think it should be a must. They were some pretty good suggestions, keep them coming. Feel free to reply and argue if you disagree and I hope you continue to have loads of fun 👍🏻
  5. I hope the bikes can be looked into, as the turning on some bikes are actually so messed up where you need to be going under 10mph to make a proper turn. Another amazing post nada keep up the good work 👍🏻
  6. Sounds amazing nada, another quality post. It is a really good idea and i hope the errors Kronus speaks of can be fixed so this can be added. 👍🏻👍🏻
  7. Can you provide some more insight on this? Maybe a few pictures of the headquarters and what would be inside the HQ and what the officers would use it for. Currently, I don't see a need and think the PD should suffice. If you want to use it for planning operations etc. Maybe a room in the PD could be added for such? Just my thoughts
  8. I suggest a workaround of this would to go on teamspeak, but at that point you may as well metagame. If this is possible that'd be great, i'll do some research on my behalf and if it turns out its not possible then group chats wouldn't be too bad
  9. I wouldn't turn it off all together it seems pretty aidsy as it is especially if turning it off meams you can't really dodge punches. It would be nice not to lock onto your friends when punching people. But for me, i dont think its that big of an issue but it would be nice
  10. Im interested in buying this, i'll talk to you maybe tomorrow morning and settle the price?
  11. Please

    Omg Martino's a liar, she is my woman

    Really think u can get her?

    No chance dude

    Try another girl

    Im sure you will find one eventually

    Peace out g


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  12. Hey, you still selling that washing machine? xx

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      ye m8 popped on gumtree

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