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  1. nada


    Got to season 3 before someone spoiled it for me.. smh
  2. nada


    I like the idea of awards annually. I think it could be cool having some other awards and people are open to suggest some however, I feel like some awards may cause controversy depending on what they are. As well, I think creating the award as a signature would be better.
  3. I think I made a thread about this sometime ago, like the idea of it
  4. I like this idea. I feel right now, the current medical system is just a drive through. I've seen some good examples of where people have added interiors in hospitals meaning they can walk inside and there's plenty of rooms for all that.
  5. Great shots! Those cars(?!?!) need burning.
  6. nada


    Love this idea!
  7. Welcome Bubbly, great RP especially for your first time
  8. Great idea, always liked this. Would make communication much easier. I think there was a suggestion a while ago about this and Kronus mentioned something about it, I'll have to dig through and try find it.
  9. I've seen this work really well in other places, It would be great to have this in!
  10. The concept is to create a command for players so that when they type /guide on their job, it will bring them to that specific guide like /help does. For instance, if someone selected a taxi job and was questioning how it works, we can tell them to just type /guide and follow that. It will change guide depending on the job that the user chooses.