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  1. Press ESC -> Settings -> Voice Chat -> Enable microphone and voice chat, make sure the sliders are on max. Press N to speak after that. Also check your own devices to ensure they're working properly. If this issue persists, join teamspeak at ts.lossantosliferp.com and a staff member will aid you in this.
  2. Future reference - if your car says out despite not even being out then use /report [Message] to contact a staff member who can reset your garage. For the insurance part, do you have the money on your person or in your bank?
  3. It was the same for me, I watched up until Season 3 and stopped but only now, I have finished it.
  4. Happy birthday!

    1. AlysonBish


      thanks haha

  5. Vikings - An Amazing series, especially if you're into medieval stuff like GOT
  6. Markers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Excellent work, thanks a lot!
  8. Removing the garage and little cart that serves as a shop is a good incentive for players to start going elsewhere. Many people go to legion because it's the centre of all their needs, a shop, a garage and people. By removing the shop and garage, players will find themselves spending less time at legion and ultimately, having to go different places if they wanted to show their friend a car or get a pack of smokes.
  9. Main monitor - I have a 144Hz, 24.5" AOC Monitor, very nice, great for games. Second monitor - BenQ, 60Hz, 21.5". It feels disgusting when I'm moving my mouse to the second monitor.
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    Ah right okay, explains why it's not there, thanks anyways
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    There's a few beards here - https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/beards-for-male-mp I think a few are already in but it would be cool to see the moustache and a few of the others implemented from here.
  12. nada

    A Quick Guide To Drugs

    Cocaine isn't a public drug - It's ran by a faction. You will have to use in character interactions to find out where and how you can acquire cocaine.