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  1. Awesome, I've been needing a visual mod. Just out of interest, this doesn't mess with the animations does it?
  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy birthday!

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      thanks haha

  4. nada

    A Quick Guide To Drugs

    Cocaine isn't a public drug - It's ran by a faction. You will have to use in character interactions to find out where and how you can acquire cocaine.
  5. nada

    Happy Birthday Good Sir! :classic_cool:

  6. Boy big is now a moderator, I'm proud of you ❤️

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      I still wish his name had a capital N instead 😞 

  7. Big boy with big bones is now in remnant


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    That cover photo needs updating :D

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      Dw snoopy it was his old one before he updated to that fresh one you made him 

  9. nada

    Lumberjack Guide

    Just recently made it mate, I noticed there wasn't a guide for it and a lot of players were asking how it worked.
  10. nada

    Lumberjack Guide

    Thanks guys 🙂
  11. nada

    Lumberjack Guide

    Lumberjack This is a guide that will demonstrate how to work the lumberjack job. To begin, head to the 'Job center' and select the 'Lumberjack' job. Once that is selected, you will have your job set and you will need to open your map. After doing so, right at the very top of the map, it will have a checkpoint marker that says 'Work Place' in which you want to make your way up there. Upon arriving, you will find a big red industrial building and at the front of it, up the stairs, is where you can go on duty and collect your hatchet to begin the job. Select 'Go on duty' and 'Rent a hatchet'. After that, head a little north and you will find a set of trees you can cut down. Walk up to one of the trees and begin chopping it by pressing 'E'. You must get 16 logs in order to load the logs onto the trailer. Each tree gives 4 logs and you can check this by pressing Z > Inventory. Once the animation is complete, you receive 4 logs. After you have 16 logs, head to the checkpoint where you can load logs onto the trailer - This can be located in the screenshot found below. Press 'E' to load the logs in which you will be placed inside of a truck ready to transport. After you have your truck, reverse and pick-up the set of logs behind. Follow the mini-map which leads to the city and be extremely careful with your trailer as you don't want to crash and have to re-do it all. Once you have arrived at the destination down in the city, there is an option to drop off the trailer in which you do so. You will be redirected back up to the Lumber yard through the GPS in which you follow. Upon arriving, drive to the big blue checkpoint and return the truck in exchange of payment. If you would like to continue doing the job, go straight to the trees and begin harvesting again, else head back up the stairs, go off duty and return the hatchet. That's how you work the Lumberjack job. If you have follow-up questions, feel free to post them. This guide is subject to change dependent on changes to the job.
  12. 5k views ooff

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      but thx ❤️

  13. This is how it should be


  14. is this u or another guy?



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  15. just hit 500 views guys, big milestone for me.

    #proud #believeandachieve #reachforthestars

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