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  1. Been a while since I have been here, reinstalled GTA so as long as my stuff is there hopfully I am back 😛

    1. Snoopy


      Welcome Back!

  2. So from my first experiences with cops that were pretty shitty I have to say over the past days I am happy to say they have proven me wrong. Props to Officer Husk, that guy really shines a good light on the cops.

  3. Il be honest, been on the server a few days and absoloutly loved it, up until the point I had my first few experiences with police. Officer hits my car I say " You just hit my car " and the response I get it " I dont give a fuck about your car, you have 3 seconds to leave before I arrest you. " and cops being able to restrain without making any sort of rp " Right you are going to arrest, could you please place your hands up so I can place these cuffs on you before I forcefully restrain you " this would atleast give people a chance but no. I dont want to forum rant and I am expecting the response " Report it " but yeah, cops attidude on here is filthy and has ruined the rp for me to stay. Best of luck Gents ! 

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    2. Ashjones


      I would like to address a couple of points here if possible.

      Firstly as @Connor has already stated, we care a tremendous amount about the experience of the players on our server and do everything within our power to address that where possible, however we do expect the players all to take responsibility for this.

      I have spoken with the officer in question on this incident you mention here and it seems that the situation is not as black and white as you paint and you are missing some key details in terms of your actions and behaviour also. For us to address something impartially we need the full story and complete honesty from both parties. This is not me defending the officer, i have no doubt perhaps he could and should of done things differently, but in nearly all circumstances both parties have a role to play and something that they can look back on and question "could i have done things differently".

      Your parting comment on your main post also - you have had (in your opinion) a bad experience with a single police officer yet use language such as "cops attitude on here is filthy and has ruined the rp for me to stay" - You are brushing the entire servers police force based on your one bad experience with one police officer. If it is indeed your intention to have this post replied to and addressed then please come with a more calm and level headed approach.

      We are a team of adults who run this server and we generally deal with matters in a mature and respectful way, we of course want all people to stay and have a fantastic time....its why we do this at the end of the day. Your matter will be looked into and we take all responses like this seriously and use them as a lesson to learn and progress moving forward.

      @Connor Will deal with the matter as discussed if he has not already, and moving forward if you have any issues, feel free to raise them to any of the team or on the forum or a status update, you will always get a calm and rational response looking to make things right for the progress of the server and community.


      Kind regards,



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