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  4. For anyone who missed it or is interested in listening to my performance of yesterday, i have recorded my live performance yesterday on my dj-mixer controller. Here is the link: 


  5. Warning! Use the mod at your own risk, i am not responsible for any bugs, glitches or bans that may occur/happen during your game play on our or other servers. Hello! Don't want to scare you guys with the warning but just keep in mind that i've personally been using visual mods and sound mods for over a year with no issues, as long as you only use visual & sound mods and follow the tutorial correctly then you should be fine. Today i have decided to make a quick tutorial for all of you who want a custom siren mod. The mod i'm using today is an American Siren Mod. Step 1: Make a quick backup We are going to make a backup, just in case something goes wrong. Step 1.1: Go to the GTA 5 SFX folder -> \Grand Theft Auto V\x64\audio\sfx Step 1.2: Find RESIDENT.rpf and copy it. Step 1.3: Make a new folder anywhere (documents, desktop etc...) and paste the RESIDENT.rpf in there. Now you have a backup of your RESIDENT.rpf! Step 2: Now we are going to replace the file, download the new RESIDENT.rpf file from HERE. Step 3: Save the file on your desktop or downloads folder. Step 4: Click and drag the file to your GTA 5 sfx folder and click on "replace the file in the destination". Step 5: Done! Enjoy!
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  9. Very nice tutorial!
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    F.A.Q Guide

    Nice guide! Very well done.
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  12. ACTIONS What is an action command? An action command is a way for your character to display additional activity without it actually being represented in-game as a form of animation, This requires you as the player to become imaginative and to visualize what is happening. However, this is serious roleplay and it must stay within realistic boundaries. Ask yourself, would this be possible to do this in real life? As you may have figured out, some actions you wanna perform are hard to show to players as GTA has it's limitations, so an action command will be used to let other players around you see exactly what you are doing and will be able to respond accordingly. The command /me is an action command, it has a purple color and is an In Character message to show players around you what you are doing, this could also be used to whisper to someone if there is too many people around you talking, try to keep the last one to a minimal to prevent spamming in the chat, ask them to go away from the general public to talk in private. You use the action command by typing /me followed by a message in the chatbox. This is a good example of a /me action message: EXAMPLE: /me lays the briefcase down on the table, opens it and takes out the documents. RESULT: *William lays the briefcase down on the table, opens it and takes out the documents. This is a bad example of a /me action message: EXAMPLE: /me lifts the truck and throws it at the maze bank tower. RESULT: *William lifts the truck and throws it at the maze bank tower. DESCRIBING OBJECTS/FACTS OR EVENTS SURROUNDING YOUR CHARACTER What is describing objects/facts or event? Another command we have is /do, this is not to be used for actions but to describe something, like a smell coming out of your car or how an object you have looks like or simply to describe an event that may happen like "you would hear loud cracking noises coming from the sealing every few minutes" also it could be used if someone is stating/asking facts. Confusing? Don't worry, the examples below will explain them and you will get it right away! (also for people who used to play gmod, this would be the same as /it) You use the do command by typing /do followed by a message in the chatbox. This is a simple example of a /do message: EXAMPLE: /do When you look at Williams face, you would see lots of old scars. RESULT: When you look at Williams face, you would see lots of old scars. ((William)). This is an example of a /me combined with a /do roleplay scenario: Lets say William is a paramedic and Albert is the person who is injured and down: *William starts examining the body. How would the injuries look like? ((William)) Albert is unconscious and has a small flesh wound on his left leg.((Albert)) *William checks the pulse on the person with the green shirt. Would Albert have a stable pulse? ((William)) Albert has a weak pulse.((Albert)) And so on.... This is another example of a detailed traffic stop with the use of /me and /do: Officer: "Hello Sir, Officer William from the LSPD, do you know why i pulled you over today?" Driver: *Albert tries to keep his eyes wide open. Driver: "Uhhh..No Sir" Officer: "Well, you just failed to stop in front of a red light, you were also going very slow like almost 10mph in a 35mph zone, what was that about?" Driver: "Ehmm..... i...i...don't know,... i'm just careful you know..?" Driver: A strong smell of weed is coming out of the vehicle.((Albert)) Officer: "Whats that smell? Alright look at me for a second sir." Driver: *Albert looks at the officer. Officer: *William takes out his flashlight and shines quickly at the eyes of the driver for a few seconds. Officer: Would Albert his eyes be red?((William)) Driver: The eyes would be slightly red.((Albert)) Officer: "Alright sir, step out of the vehicle for me and lets go on the sidewalk." Driver: "Awhhh shit man.... here we go...." Some other quick examples: The trunk would be filled with empty soda cans. ((William)). Lines of coke would be on the table. ((William)) The whiskey brand would be "Jack Daniels old No.7 Tennessee Whiskey". ((William)) A strong burning smell would come inside the room as the door opens. ((William))
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