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  1. @Zenox @Wrighty @Sparky and everyone else, choose the bikes you want. These are just for the start we'll add more in the future. https://strawpoll.com/ebb3sk18
  2. Sure, we could add some custom bikes, could you mention 2 of them here (that you really want) so i can take a look at them? We currently have only 1 custom bike which is the Harley Davidson.
  3. Hey pal, the exemplar does not have spoiler or bumper options (you can search this up on gta5 wiki). There are cars that look the same, try to enter the car you just mentioned and see what the name of the vehicle is and try to buy that one instead.
  4. Grats to the winners! Was fun! Zero Two is crazy on csgo!
  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. RIP brother. Connor has been through a crazy journey, even tho he made mistakes he will be an example to the rest of the club and will always be remembered. And damn, all these nostalgic pictures!
  8. Nice avatar.

  9. Dnb mood while i'm on my way to work.
  10. Granted, but you can only see nightmares. I wish i could be a king.
  11. Started listening to some classic rock/metal songs. Love them so much.
  12. Granted, but you don't have internet or electricity for the rest of the day. I wish i had a mansion.