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  1. That is perfectly possible. I will balance this out, i will not put limiters on most vehicles, especially the sport/supercars since i want to give people the freedom of enjoying the maximum speed. However, right now we have almost every car that can go to atleast 200mph or more while some sport and supercars struggling to go over 200mph. I've seen some cars go up to 290mph on the server. For example, the Bugatti Chiron top speed is 261MPH, this was done on a traffic free straight road. Only the most skilled drivers can drive at that speed, don't forget that supercars are made with light materials so they are very fragile and if you crash on that speed without a roll cage and protection gear (racing clothes) you either die or be very lucky to survive with a lifetime injury.
  2. Dear Community, Since i'm getting a lot of suggestions about changing vehicle handlings and make them more realistic i've tought about making a poll. We do listen to our community and we're always looking for improvements! So make sure to vote! You have time untill Friday 26 October 18:00! Thank you!
  3. Yes like Schmickley is saying, when you revive the wrong person. The armor and Health goes away from that person who was near you. So before you revive try to ask other people to get back. That could be the issue, if that keeps happening then we will start to investigate it since you guys are the only ones at this moment with this issue.
  4. Like Connor said, we do have different departments like High Speed Pursuit Unit, Armed Response, SWAT, Gang and Drug Unit, San Andreas State Police. They all (besides SWAT) patrol around Los Santos and the highways. But we can't have every department online at the same time, people go to work and school. 😉
  5. Yes but we still need names in the text, otherwise you would not know who it is coming from right?
  6. Yes it includes your first name in the front, /do should have your name after the text. This will be put forward to the devs.
  7. We already have that, some people just don't use it the right way. /me (action) is always used for roleplay actions that you are doing. /do (description) is used to describe actions and surroundings. Here is an example: Lets say you get pulled over: Officer: "Hello Sir, Officer Applepie from the LSPD, do you know why i pulled you over today?" Driver: /me tries to keep his eyes wide open. Driver: "Uhhh..No Sir" Officer: "Well, you just failed to stop infront of a red light, you were also going very slow almost 6mph in a 35 zone, what was that about?" Driver: "Ehmm..... i...i...don't know,... i'm just going home you know..?" Driver: /do a strong smell of weed is coming out of the vehicle. Officer: Alright look at me for a second sir. Driver: /me looks at the officer. Officer: /me takes out his flashlight and shines at the eyes of the driver for a few seconds. Officer: /do What eye color would the driver have? Driver: /do The eyes would be red. Officer: "Alright sir, step out of the vehicle for me and lets go on the sidewalk." Driver: "Ah shit... here we go...." As you can see, you can use /do for questions as well to better understand the roleplay situation. example: Person1: /me examines the body. Person1: /do What injuries would i see? Person2: /do left leg is broken, shoulder is out of place. and a few small cuts on his forehead.
  8. Full Name - 'Farhad Beheshti' Age - '28' Born - 'Middle Eastern - Persian' Job - 'Chef' Family - 'One Brother who died during the outbrake and one Sister who he lost contact to.' Full detailed character bio - 'Mr. Farhad used to be a criminal in his younger years, he used to steal jewelry, cars and even rob stores! One day he got caught robbing a store and went to jail. He was only 17, 4 years passed and he was finally free. He started reading cooking books and was inspired by many chefs on TV. He started going to cooking school and after 2 years he got an associate degree in Culinary Arts. He then started to work in a italian 3 star restaurant where he also used to do internship. After getting lots of experience. He started to open his own restaurant. Everything went well... ah yea ofcourse it had it's up and downs... but his business was booming! However Once the zombie outbrake happend, he lost everything. Mr. Farhad lost contact with his Wife who used to work at a Hospital, no one knows where and how the outbrake happend, but losing contact with his wife, Farhad believes that the hospital has something to do with the outbrake. Even after the years of surviving in the dead world. He still believes that his wife is alive and his mission is to find he, but Farhad changed, he does not talk at all. Only says a few words and can easily rage. However he learned to control his anger after some crazy incidents happend where he killed a survivor. Sometimes it's better to not even look him in the eyes. But in a world of humans versus zombies. Every survivor is important! '