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  1. Hell Yessss looks awesome !!!!
  2. I have purchased this vehicle and am no longer in need of this add, it can be locked. Thank you Regards Denny Connor
  3. Fury

    Destiny 2

    I could hop on with ya if you like im max level but not max power level 🙂
  4. I'll get right on making that XD
  5. In-Game Name: Denny Connor I am looking to buy a BMW M4. If you are willing to sell please contact me with the price you are looking for.
  6. I do not want to start any arguments in the comments with this post. I ask that a member of staff disables comments on this post so that we can simple see players votes. Thank you Regards Fury
  7. My suggestion is to add a mining job, this could be anything from coal to iron and can be placed at one of the mines around the map. I feel that this will add in some nice RP as well as a good legal job that players can do to make money. The job could be done by: Going to store and buying a pickaxe. Going to the mine and mining for ore (which ever that is). Go to a factory to process the ore into ingots. Finally take the ingots to the sell point. All in all I think that this would be a great addition to the server.