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  1. I voted yes, but feel there is a caveat. They should only handle as realistic as is necessary. Going all out might just get frustrating for certain vehicles. They should handle well at lower speeds, and get progressively harder to turn at high speeds (some cars would even be twitchy and lose control more easily at high speeds). Too many variables, but I hope you understand what I'm getting at.
  2. Nemor

    Forced Transgender

    I've responded, thanks for the quick action.
  3. Nemor

    Forced Transgender

    Yes, I have just reconnected now. I'm the same scantily clad man-woman. Might just create a new character until it can be fixed. Some hard work down the drain though.
  4. Nemor

    Forced Transgender

    I started on this server last night. Upon connecting today, my character changed from Male, along with the clothes I picked last night to a Female wearing only a black bikini (but has the same male face). I also had an issue last night when I first modified my first bought car, and when I stored it then retrieved it, it lost all modifications, but that part appears to work now. I have no idea how to fix it. Character name: Nemor / Will Russell Steam name: N/A Just affecting me as far as I know.