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  1. I voted yes, but feel there is a caveat. They should only handle as realistic as is necessary. Going all out might just get frustrating for certain vehicles. They should handle well at lower speeds, and get progressively harder to turn at high speeds (some cars would even be twitchy and lose control more easily at high speeds). Too many variables, but I hope you understand what I'm getting at.
  2. Full Name - Robert Flanagan Age - 33 Born - Glasgow, Scotland Job - Firearms Training Consultant Family - Girlfriend of 2 1/2 years Full detailed character bio - Robert served in 42 Signal Squadron based in Manchester, England for several years in his early twenties. He was eventually medically discharged due to Migraines and Hyper Mobility causing aggravated injuries. After serving he took on a number of menial jobs, such as Data Entry and Retail, but his passion for Firearms never left him. In his late twenties and early thirties he made frequent trips to Poland, Prague and America where he would learn to shoot a number of different weapons. His growing skills eventually landed him a consultancy in Los Santos for Bodyguards and even some celebrities. Although the work was sporadic, the pay was high and life was good. Injuries continue to plague him, especially his Rotator Cuff Tendinitis, with his long term exposure to firing weapons leaves his left shoulder constantly sore and inflamed. This has led to a growing Codeine addiction, which has caused him to go outside the law once in a while to feed his habit. When the shit hit the fan, he was in prime position to secure a number of firearms and rounds to protect himself, and surrounded by like minded individuals made it up until this point. Times are even tougher now, however, as ammunition runs short and friends die around him. Codeine is harder than ever to procure, and so his disposition has changed somewhat. Robert is very quick to anger these days and seeks a good scrap with a Zombie horde, both to avenge the death of his friends and girlfriend, and also to feel less pain as the adrenaline courses through his veins. He is not, however, suicidal and remains a trusting and loyal companion in any situation. He has some basic survival training, knowledge of infantry tactics and strategy as well as good weapons discipline make him a formidable ally in this growing wasteland. [Edited name because I already had a character by the other name]
  3. I've responded, thanks for the quick action.
  4. Yes, I have just reconnected now. I'm the same scantily clad man-woman. Might just create a new character until it can be fixed. Some hard work down the drain though.
  5. I started on this server last night. Upon connecting today, my character changed from Male, along with the clothes I picked last night to a Female wearing only a black bikini (but has the same male face). I also had an issue last night when I first modified my first bought car, and when I stored it then retrieved it, it lost all modifications, but that part appears to work now. I have no idea how to fix it. Character name: Nemor / Will Russell Steam name: N/A Just affecting me as far as I know.