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  1. There is a life unseen in this world, one that is only seen by those who chose to ride the thunder and chase the road. The ones who wear leather and feel naked without it, who feel lost of direction without rumbling metal underneath them, but now your time is up and the reaper calls for you. Was always fun and intense, from Teddy to Arthur to whoever is next, ride safe brother.
  2. I disagree with implementing attachments, as the server stands it seems everyone has 10 billion dollars, 9 cars of racing, 8 homes of sleeping and a partridge in a pear tree. What we definitely do not need is every man and his dog now at legion with a 50. pistol with a silencer. Honestly, if it happened we would fall further down the rabbit hole of breaking immersion and move into this weird ultra reality where everyone is magically rich.
  3. I like the idea, but the premise of it I think is geared towards whitelisted servers. We must not forget we are public, people come one day and leave the next, as is the nature of public servers. We have a good community but people take breaks, have family situations, birthdays etc. Ultimately the dispatcher would have to love RP that much to just create immersion for others and I only know a select few who would sit their day in and out, on their free time dispatching police to yet again you guessed it a gunshot. I don't know who mentioned it but 64 players would be ideal for this with double the police who would need to be monitored and organised I get it but with max 10 who already have a communication system. From what I read it sound more like a problem with the efficiency of the tools the police have. Just my opinion, but good suggestion.
  4. Server wipes do not inherintly mean you lose a character or faction, in the last cases it didnt money and cars both left but your character and connections remained. I think a few people think their characters have to go this is not the case. The last wipe i used the connesctions and relationships to build a new empire and gained control.
  5. New Year Wipe? Now i know just by the title lots of people will scream nooo to this but i emplore you to please listen to reason. The server at the moment in my personal oppinion is stale and this is always evident to a few things, aggresion towards the police, over aggressive behavior towards one another and a mass of fast exspensive cars owned by everyone and anyone. Everytime in this communitys history when a reshuffle and wipe has happened those few months after are blissful to play and created some of the best memories i have, the level playing field between everyone allows for new factions and people to rise through ranks and become the new faces of the criminal world, other then this just the shear fact of people fighting for the goal to be the richest and earn that money to get the cars and houses. So i suggest a New Years wipe, give yourself some drive and somthing to be motivated for, criminals can forge new alliances to work together to gain the power, police can revamp there ways and work a little easier while the civs are just more focused on killing the grind for cash, instead of eachother. I have asked people and it depends really on who you are asking, most roleplayers are open to the idea and see its benefits, the regulars (People here for the cars and cash) and im not saying you cant be both, usually dont want everything they worked for taken away, use it to reinvent yourself and make a character, even push your roleplay and go for it, what have you got to lose?? Ive given alot of time to this community and through all my stupid moaning and usual arsehole reactions (appologies im trying to be better) i really do want it to thrive and be the best version of itself it can be, we have a strong community, strong roleplayers and a great staff team. So do somthing wacky this christmas and vote yes for the New Year Wipe...
  6. Completely understand where you are coming from and you are right i know it can get grueling and tiresom of constant gun reports, my reason for shooting was that prior as mentioned he said somthing was going to happen (My assumption was being killed) kuzma hit me with a pistol, so i know he had gun (The capability to shoot me) as you see from the video i dont immidiatly get up and engage i even state i think its a bit "rediculous you are assaulting me" Kuzma's friend was also saying finish it Kuzma (Meaning Kill me) from the comment, the attack with the pistol and the deemed intentions of Kuzma and his friend i shot Kuzma (The only one who assaulted me) and pointed my weapon at his friend and asked dont do anything he jumps and begins to draw, im then attack from the side, so i move and shoot the friend before me being knocked out. I agree with most of your points and am just a little confused about the character build up one, i had a long winded conversation and RP moment with Jim and Kuzma prior to this and at the time of posting had already spoke to both of them and we had it as water under the bridge and a business agreement. I thankyou for having high expectations of me and i know how to build a character (This was me doing just that) the issue wasnt with Kuzma or his friend, it was the actions of the officer. I knew who Kuzma from others speaking of him, knew he was rich and knew he loved his new car from the tweets he put out that day. The real intention of the theft was to force Kuzma to come and meet for the car we give it back for free and build a name for myself to them, i explain who i am what i plan to do here. This is what i did with mexico i found out who was powerfully enough known but somone i dont think was a real threat (The Russians) i steped on their toes and made a name for myself. The point of the officer being alone, from my own experiances of that i would definetly detain everyone in a firarms incident especialy if im alone. The issue was i told him i had evidence, he said he knew somthing was going to happen and said these guys where going to do (Kuzma and friend) and then returned and quickly detained and removed me without even really asking them what happened or me. What you see isnt always what seems. I hope this clears up some of my points on my actions and why i did what i did.
  7. Officer Gates: On two seperate occasions Officer Gates has displayed what i believe to be questionable policing methods within 24 hours. The first came earlier when officer gates respond to a call that we posted about a firearms threat at legion at that guy pulled a gun and aimed so we made for cover and fired once at him. Officer gates and assistaing officer arrived on scene removed the man we indicated spoke to him and made his way over to us and when explaining indicated that i was a racist, completely umprofessional manner and tone was used and then went on to say that if you are tested positive for gsr that we was going to jail and went to detain and arrest us, we had already explained that we shot because the gun was pulled on us. The issue is the unproffessional manner he took a very overly aggressive aproach with us and a very tame one with other guy. I have played many hours and a cop and i know you dont treat everyone the same, but you do treat everyone fairly. In this case we was not and it keeps happening i was so confident in the situation that i called the police and stood there. Second situation: Officer gates was involved with a motorvehicle chase and then foot pursuit after successfully pitting me, i climbed some ladders and was warned that i would be tazed, i took the chance and went to climb the second set, i was tazed and as i was tazed Officer Gates made his way up the ladder and i got back up, the cadet was unable to taze me again as Gates was in the way and why i went to up the next step when i was up and recovered (No one was in a position of control) gates pursued me up the ladders and handcuffed me on the ladders about halfway up and went on to say "why did you climb the ladder while cuffed" now my beleif is he knew that situation was wrong or he wouldnt have mentioned it at all, i said in /lc you cuffed on the ladders come on mate and he went on saying he handcuffed me and i went up, which is impossible because you cant climb or do anything in hangcuffs so how i magically got handcuffed and got half way up the ladder in Gates's mind is honeslty frightning. I have no video proof and understand its just my word against his so i expect no response, i only want it as a paper trail for things if they are to happen in the future with others and myself with this officer.
  8. Note: Over the last few days the experiance with the Police has been appauling, honestly i dont know what has happened but in my personal oppinion the standard of policing has slipped. This i think is subsequent to frosty relationship between the Police and civs. Ive been there and experianced hate from the civs i know what its like on the otherside, which is why i know that it can affect moral and the way you choose to treat civilians. Ive feel like i have been forced into situation and seen just open corruption from the Police. Deputy Hayes: Prior to the video below there should be some context. My new character and the group he runs with are car thiefs, we steal the cars and attempt to sell them back to the owner for some cash. Kuzma turned up with Jim Sutter to a mechnic job and i turned up with Carlos Oro (Danny) we are there for somtime and im getting jim to show me how its done sarcasticly as we had a small back and forth tiff about whos job it was, either way Kuzma getting in to his vehicle is hit by another car and knocked unconcious. At this point Carlos seizes the oppertunity to take the GTR and go to the designated place for the cars we snatch. Im in a seperate car and follow behind and we get away. Kuzma later comes up to me (Im alone) at legion and demands that i give his GTR, at this point i feel like its been 40 minutes to an hour and we already tryed to extort him for $50,000 to get the car back, he didnt pay us the money, that was about 10 minutes after getting it. So time goes on and approaches me at legion demands the car but its gone dumped in the ocean, i said i dont know the guy who took it i was just offering a lift we squabble and officer hayes turns up before anything happens. He goes on to state that "i knows these men and wouldnt mess with them" (Knows a known criminal and apparently there was an APB out for him) he further goes on to state that if he leaves somthing will happen i said that fine allow me to stick on my bodycam (Recording) before you go so if somthing happens you know what happens and that im innocent. I put on OBS and he leaves and then the video starts about 1 minute after he has left. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYFovBBFf1M&t=90s after i stood back infront of the desk i explained that im going to be quiet while that video uploads to his computer (Uploading to youtube) he said that was fine i kept him upto date saying the time its going to take it was going to take 10 minutes and then told him it was 50% done and would take another 5 minutes i tab back after the video is uploaded and i have been sentenced and fined. It just seemed to me that he knew Kuzma and his friend said "from what i saw he shot you" he failed to detain Kuzma or the other guy only me even when i had told him it was self defence and had the footage, he seemed contempt on taking me in. Surely any compitant trained deputy would of detained all suspects questioned and review any evidence (Especially if somone is telling you they have it) instead Deputy hayes drove on to the sidewalk rushed to my side got the other guys up and placed me in cuffs and scooted me away odd behavior.