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  1. +1 i agree with this post and also with the impound system you are even more screwed
  2. you have to be a mechanic to use the tow and it does work a friend used it the other day
  3. i would like to see this cause i feel everyone is into illegal activities because the normal ones dont make any money
  4. i agree with this post officer berry you are a outstanding cop ...PRO AF
  5. well i understand both sides 2 the story if my opinion matters i think 50 % is a bit much because im pretty sure all players would agree we work hard to buy our supercars and i can understand impound if we have illegal contraband in them or use them to commit crime but also i feel if you dont have any money and you have a 3000 $ car you wouldnt want to dammage it because you dont have money but i mean if your a millionaire thne i feel like you wouldnt care as much about your car because you have mooney in the bank but i like i said i can understand you want less people to drive recklessly and not use 2 mil vehicles in bank robberies and stuff but also said inconspicuous cheap vehicles will never out run anything.
  6. Hello admin so if i murder my brother can i blame it on how addicted to los santos life i am? because he was joking and deleted my char and and now im stressing my balls off...so is there a way for me to recover elon musk or am i giving up on life....in los santos?