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  1. @Connor_ You're right, thats why the paychecks shouldnt get too big of a buff if this happens. @Snoopy Sorry didnt know about the issue.
  2. I think it would be nice if paychecks could be higher then just 10-12$ per hour, it could be based on the amount of money you have on your bank account. For example if you have 1mil, you could get extra 1k on your paycheck.
  3. So what happened was that this guy wanted to try out the shotgun i had so i gave it to him and let him use it. After that he put the shotgun inside of his weapon box and never returned it to me. I believe he never loged back on the server when he took it from me (he might be on holidays but he never said anything about it) . Sadly i dont have any evidence of this happening since i trusted this guy and had no idea this could happen, there was no roleplay involved. I bought this gun for 150k like a week ago and i know wheres the weapon box location, i also sent him phone messages saying if he can give it back like 10times if theres a way you can check that, i hope this helps. I would really like to have it back 150k is alot of money. Thanks for help
  4. So im not sure if this is already a thing or not, but ive decided to post it anyway. I believe theres more ways to use this, for example birthday events or kidnapping. But since only factions are the ones that can actually bring you to their house and lead you to their secret chamber (if they have one) this might be really usefull for them. So i believe if this gets released it might be good if its available for factions only. If you have any good or bad thoughs about this please comment! Thanks for reading
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    Hello, I have a small suggestion, i think it would be nice if /anchor worked on every boat apart from jetski. I believe smaller boats also have anchors irl so it wouldnt make it look wierd or anything. Ty for reading
  6. There could be item called "rope" which you could buy from the store. You could use this the same way as police uses their handcuffs just that you wouldnt be allowed to just walk up to someone and rope them. You would actually need someone to aim in the person so you can rope them using /me command for example. I would reather see this.
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    thanks all 🙂
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    Thanks 🙂
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    Hello everyone! Im 19 years old guy that comes from Slovenia. My first experience with roleplay was met in SAMP, but after the server closed i was preaty sad about it and never played it again. Not so long after that i started playing on SOE server that was my first roleplay server in gtav, and i though it was really fun. After SOE became whitelisted i stopped playing gtav and started playing fortnite like a mad man where i actually managed to get to rank 5000 on world but soon after the double shotgun nerf happened i stopped playing. So about 2-3weeks ago i decided to give fivem another try, and lucky for me i found this lovely server that i've been really enjoying so far.
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    BMX bike bug

    Hello, So i was driving around with my BMX and tried to hold shift and spam space and i've noticed that you start moving really fast, so i believe that's a bug.