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  1. You should wash your car🙂

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      Its called fashion penda, look it up

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      I officially have no idea what youre talking about. Is some this some kind of sick inside joke o.O

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      Oooohhhh i understand now....

  2. Hello its me again, since my anchor suggestion didnt get any replies i've decided to post another upgraded one. So i was really thinking about this and i though it would be great if there could be a dealership for boats just like the normal car dealer where you could buy a boat for around 150k+ (cheapest boat should cost somewhere around 150k in my opinion) instead of renting one each time you go fishing, this way the normal fisherman boats could still be used normaly. I was also thinking about fishing rods and bait, if this was added it could be bought from a fishing store where you could maybe also buy anchors or storage boxes that you could apply on the boat that you own. With fishing rods there could also be a chance for sharks to snap your rod, this way you couldnt just buy 1 and have it forever, i think this way could also slightly balance money making with fisherman job as it is really profitable and not hard to do if you ask me. I also think that fisherman job doesnt need any changes this would just be more realistic.
  3. So basically i was thinking that there could be a new forum section which could be fully In charecter based, this forum could have more sections like for advertising parties, car shows or any other in game events. There could be also a section where you could make an advertisement for selling a vehicle, where you could post all the information about your vehicle, your number,picture of your vehicle,... so people could contact you and make a deal with you. Theres could be alot more than just car sales and events, but at the moment i've got only these 2 in my mind
  4. Like @WillyVodka said, i was also confuzed by this but now i know, but maybe you could do it like | John * The car trunk would be filled up with all sorts of drugs * | for example, i think this way it could be much easier for people to understand it.
  5. penda

    Car radio

    I dont know if this is already possible but i think it would be great if you could turn on your car radio without turning on your car engine. Maybe just making a command like /radio or something.
  6. @Zero Two like this person said, i dont think it could be abused this way
  7. @Kronus But does that mean that people that have had criminal activity in the past arent allowed to change their name even tho they're living normaly now? Not sure how it goes in real life though
  8. Okay so i might sound really dumb here but i really dont think that you need a valid reason to change your name in real life, you can just say that you dont like your current one and change it (i might be completly wrong here) @Wrighty Yes but like i said why would i need to have a valid rp reason where i can just say that i dont like my current name and that i want to change it. Dont get my wrong here becouse i know its way easier for you to solve problems on ts but i dont really think someone should come teamspeak to talk to you just so you can change his first/last name. @Zero Two yes. Like there is also this 2nd thing that could be called a character change which would allow you to change your whole character, apart from all the fizical things that you already have on this character (money,cars,...). But i think this way requires a thread on the forums where you need to make a story about your new character and maybe even have requirements like playing hours or ingame money to apply for one.
  9. There must be a way to transfer your felonies as you change your name
  10. Yes but having a fake id is illegal so why would anyone that is living legaly want to buy a fake id just so he can pretend to be someone else and turn their life into illegal, i know this might be difficult for the devs but im sure it could be done.
  11. I think it would be great if people could change their character names. This could be done in the courthouse for a certain amount of money. I dont think theres anything wrong with this as we can also do it irl.
  12. Basically i think this future should be added just so people cant meta game, example - youre selling drugs/police gets informed about it, you drive somewhere else and the police drives past you on the other lane, police immediately turns around - turning their lights on even tho you didnt brake any road rules. This might be a stupid suggestion but i posted it anyway.