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  1. Very nice job, interested in seeing the AI towing vehicles in play.
  2. I have a video sourced somewhere deep in my hard drive with an excellent example of using double speak in TS & in game and rounding a scenario as making for great RP. Could I also suggest needing to have your phone present during conference calls, maybe that is a good middle ground? This may be a reasonable solution considering once a player is in cuffs there is no means to further speak. Or a more lenient solution would have an over the ear piece to have visual proof there is a bluetooth device.
  3. The issues we are facing comes at the cost of how we can effectively communicate during a complex scenario, while the in game mechanics allow for texting and brief phone calls it becomes apparent that when talking to multiple people at once communication breaks down without using some type of conference system hence using teamspeak and talking all at once during game play. The rule for double speaking should also apply to emergency personnel so they may be effective, tools for police and civilians regarding communications would be more fair if the playing field is even.
  4. Wow, quite an enhancement to the game looks. Going to have to check this out tonight.
  5. I've heard amazing things about you Kronus, keep up the good work my friend, this will be a welcome addition.
  6. For various reasons we need Visible drops and by that I mean when you put something on the ground it needs to visible to all players, this is for various reasons especially helpful for police or drug dealers. Alongside that we need it to stay persistent, at least until a server restart.