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  1. Yeah, having to go into the menu can be time consuming of your RP requires you to be quick. +1
  2. You should wash your car🙂

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    2. Snoopy


      Its called fashion penda, look it up

    3. phaedra


      I officially have no idea what youre talking about. Is some this some kind of sick inside joke o.O

    4. phaedra


      Oooohhhh i understand now....

  3. I recently applied for a faction through the application link provided. I am wondering how long i can expect to wait until i hear back once approved, or at least if i will at all, if it is to be denied. Are the applications checked each month, or within some other time scale? Thank you
  4. I completely agree, i did have that in mind, otherwise it would just become tedious. i also thought that it could depend on how long your sentence is, id say anything over 60 months(1hr) would be reasonable.
  5. I think it would be great if a player could be able to break out of prison by perhaps completing certain tasks, if the tasks are completed incorrectly, they are "caught" trying to escape and transported into solitary confinement with an added sentence where they can not make another escape attempt. If the tasks are completed correctly, after a short amount of time once the player has left the premises, maybe a local has seen and reported an escapee, every police officer is alerted and catching them is put to top priority, if they are caught, their sentence is added to but more so than a failed attempt. If they are in solitary, they will not be able to take up prison work to reduce their sentence. It would probably be best if this was possible whilst the police presence is on medium-high, to avoid prison becoming meaningless. Once breaking out, theyd have to "lay low" for a period of time and be able to carry out any legal jobs, buy cars, guns or anything that in a real life situation, they could be tracked