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  1. Welcome to the community nice background hope you enjoy yourself 🙂
  2. Cigars are a really nice idea would like to see them implemented
  3. Signatures gone. I didn't have any bad intentions with what I said but I won't say it again.
  4. Get the signature pictures gone please, the size of those images and how messy they make a post look is silly.

    1. Schmickley


      Yeah they're gone.

  5. So this suggestion is simple and will probably help a lot of people. When deleting a character there is no confirm button and I can tell you from experience if your game lags you can delete a character accidentally. I don't think it would be too hard to add it and it would stop people from doing it
  6. With the new snow theme on the server some snowballs would be nice just to have a bit of fun 🙂
  7. Schlomo Shekelstein Sentinel Classic
  8. So this isn't my idea it is: @Strielka @Logacius The suggestion is to have it so that when you move a certain distance away from the circle it stops the selling, this makes it so cops can actually stop people from selling and also so that if people abuse a bug (which a lot do) they don't get the money from the moonshine. When you are moved away you would also get the moonshine which wasn't sold back in your inventory. The other idea is to have moonshine sell in 2's instead of your whole inventory. This would work in the way that if you have 120 it sells 2/second so it takes 1minute to sell your whole inventory, whereas, having 30 moonshine would only take 15. This would also mean that people aren't selling 20moonshine for the same time as 120 and cops can actually catch people with moonshine on them.
  9. That's a fair point but maybe make it easier to rob stores then? And from the specific standard you lose a lot of the money you get after washing which leaves you with just under 300k
  10. One problem with that would be that if the mechanic was AFK then cops wouldnt be able to impound but it could be a good way of trying to reinforce the idea into cops heads by making them hit it twice or something where the first time it alerts them that there are mechanics available
  11. This is probably being posted at a bad time with the new impound system but it's still a good suggestion. Right now the way impound works is that the car just disappears, a way of making it so the RP is more fun is to use 3rd party tow truck companies, the way it would work is that police call mechanics, such as one of the factions if they want to do that or if you actually have trained mechanics that work for the city, mechanics have the ability to put cars on a flatbed and impound cars, the new system would complicate this a little bit but it's not the worst thing in the world, they would drive these flatbeds to a lot where they would be able to use the new impound system. The new impound system would probably have to be only given to trusted players and potentially using a command instead of having it in the menu to avoid complications. On the other hand, there will be times where there simply is not enough police/mechanics to do this sort of thing and in that case you just do it the regular thing but I thought it would really increase RP